Newborn diapers

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Newborn diapers

Trying to get my hands on newborn diapers that would fit my tiny babies is near impossible! I am trying to start building up my stash, I won't even be getting pregnant until next year, at least that is the plan. But seriously, my babies are like 5lb babies and most newborn diapers don't fit babies that small. I found a lady that makes them that small and I found a pattern to make my own, but man this is a pain! If I go through the lady it will be about $90 for 10 diapers!!! Ughh, maybe I will just stick with trying to make my own stash. Beee Especially since I have one of her diapers to make my pattern from anyway. Smile

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We used NB GMD prefolds and extra small thirsties covers. Sized prefolds work well on even tiny babies and aren't very expensive.

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Premie prefolds! I even used them for a few days and my girl was 7 lbs, 12 oz at birth!

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I plan on the prefolds because I KNOW they can be small enough. lol. But it is the pocket diapers and covers that I am having a hard time finding small enough. Blum 3

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My guy was 6lbs 7oz and didn't fit into the lil joeys even for a few days. There is a brand or wahm called nanabottoms that is pretty tight around the legs if you are looking for an AIO. I didn't use any NB pockets. I did use the orange edge prefolds with bummis whisper wraps, which were big at first. But after the first 2 weeks or so he grew into all his NB diapers and they fit until about 8 weeks, some fit longer like 10 weeks.

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It is easier to go with perfolds, I found that AIO were too bulky on my DS as a newborn.