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Night time Solution

I am discovering that my baby is a very heavy wetter. I have tried several different options at night (including MF layered with bamboo and hemp) and she still leaks every night. I am currently using sposies at night because they are the only thing that seem to work. What do you use to stay leak free at night?

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I tried a whole lot of different things.... and eventually it just stopped happening, when she stopped nursing at night so much. Does your baby still nurse/eat at night? Of course, it's not impossible to find a solution... but I never did find anything that was fail safe, but like I said, eventually it just stopped happening. Good luck! I'm sure plenty of other ladies will have lots of suggestions!

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I use flats, but I know most people don't find them useful or find them too bulky. My boy still wets a lot at night because he still nurses around a million times at night

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Our first night solution that worked when Aiden was nursing all night was a Mother's Ease Sandy's fitted diaper with TWO extra soaker pads. We would just make it. lol. Once he stopped nursing all the time two bamboo inserts and one hemp doubler in a pocket has mostly worked out very well.

My son is currently in disposables at night as we figure out his blistering at night issue (if we can *sigh*) and he totally soaked and peed out of his overnight disposable diaper last night in just 8 hours. He STTN and doesn't nurse at all! It was a great morning reminder that disposables don't always work. Blum 3

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Our solution is a Kawaii pocket with one large MF insert backed up by two hemp inserts with a Blueberry cover over it all. Its seriously not as bulky as it sounds though we found that even the night time Kawaii isn't meant to hold that much stuffing and she would always gap and leak out the legs. By putting a cover over the whole she-bang it keeps it all contained.

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Evelyn has been STTN for a few months now and doesn't nurse through the night. She is a heavy wetter in the day time too, though we usually manage to avoid leaks as long as we changer her frequently enough. I hadn't thought about putting a cover over her pocket diaper. I may have to try that.