Onesies not good combo with FB?

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Onesies not good combo with FB?

Hi. I've been lurking here off and on. My baby is due in January. After researching online and talking to some co-workers, I went ahead and ordered some FuzziBunz One Size diapers to get me started on my CD journey. I've read a few people say that they've had issues with leaking when using onesies and CDs. Is this because the tighter crotch of onsies causes the CD legs to gap? I've bought a couple of onesies thinking they were a good clothing staple and am now wondering if I should be rethinking baby's wardrobe if I want to have more success with CDs. Any other tips to keep in mind as I get baby clothing?

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I have not had any issues with onesies and cloth diapers. However, I have never tried FuzziBunz. No issues with the pockets I have, flats, prefolds, fitteds, etc. He does move up in onesie sizes way before separate pieces though (for example yesterday he wore an 18 month onesie and later on pants in 6-9 month and a shirt that was a 12 month).

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Onesies and cloth diapers generally don't mix well, it causes the diaper to wick because of the compression against the diaper. I don't always have a problem but you'd definitely want to size up on the onesies so they aren't pressing into the diaper.
I definitely choose clothing differently with my cloth diapered babies than when I was using sposies. I used to put onesies on under everything during the winter and now I try to find lap shirts that don't snap at the crotch to go under clothes. Carters had a lot of outfits for babies without onesies when DS1 was a baby, haven't seen as many this year yet but hopefully!

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I have never had an issue with onesies and cloth for my DS. I haven't even sized him up much earlier than separates. I haven't used Fuzzibuns though so it may be more of an issue with that brand. All mine are china cheapies, though I am lovin my Babyland ones right now, I only have 4 of those though.

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we never did onesies because of compression/tightness.

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I've never had a problem with wicking/compression due to a onesie. I mainly use prefolds and covers or WAHM pockets. DD still wears a few onesies now and then and the ones we have are quite tight in the crotch. So long as the onesie fits I don't see why it would be any worse than any other form of clothing. If you're getting compression leaks then there's something wrong with your diapers, not your clothes, IMO. The only issue I've had with clothes when CDing is that yes, you have to size up before you would if you were using sposies. Also, I've had to avoid pant/shirt sets as the pants never ever fit when the shirt does. My DD is in 18-24m pants and can still fit in 12m shirts. Oh, and jeans that fit are nearly impossible to find.

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As far as "sizing up" goes, I found that the next size up onesies were too long in the sleeve, the neck hole was too big, and they generally looked sloppy. We did lots of dresses, sleepers, and separates. Babies don't need nearly as many layers of clothing as most people think. (like a onesie under an outfit is generally unnecessary--babies have remarkably good systems for making themselves warm and terrible systems for cooling themselves down).

I also disagree that compression from a onesie (where I could generally only snap the center snap because of the diaper), would be the fault of the diaper. Maybe it's the difference between using O/S vs. sized pockets? There's a lot of bulk in a O/S on a small child, and even with an extender, the onesies tend to be very tight in the crotch at very specific pressure points, hence, compression leaks. We did have leaks with onesies or sleepers that were too tight in the crotch with diapers that were otherwise fine, which is why we quickly abandoned onesies and any sleepers that you needed to "stretch" a little bit to snap the crotch.

Good luck. There's a lot of trial and error and what works for one person may not work for another.

FWIW--we loved the cross body t-shirts from Gerber!

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"aunt_freya" wrote:

As far as "sizing up" goes, I found that the next size up onesies were too long in the sleeve, the neck hole was too big, and they generally looked sloppy.

My kid has a giant head (I mean above 97th%ile giant) so I guess I never noticed the big neck hole problem :p. In fact, we had problems with neck holes being too small most of the time. I also live in a place where its short-sleeve weather all but 2 months of the year, so never really had the sleeve issue. Onesies were a staple in my house because everything else was just too warm. See, everyone's situation and baby are different. In a way its good that they grow out of stuff so quickly. If you've got a wardrobe that doesn't work, wait a week and buy a new one! Wink

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I haven't had any issues with FB and leaking regarding onsies. I do have trouble with outfits like everyone mentioned because of the size difference with a cloth diaper.

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I never had any issues w/onesies and cloth diapers either.

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"AshnBill" wrote:

I never had any issues w/onesies and cloth diapers either.

me either.

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if the onesies are too tight in the crotch, i have had pressure wicking. i just make sure to use the next size up if they are getting too tight or use shirts instead

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I've never had any trouble. If you were worried about it being too tight though and the compression, I'd recomend those snap lengtheners that you can buy.

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I've never had trouble with onesies or with pants not fitting!!! My girl is skinny though. Smile

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Thanks everyone for all your input, sounds like it can vary widely so I may just have to play it by ear initially.

"mommys" wrote:

If you were worried about it being too tight though and the compression, I'd recomend those snap lengtheners that you can buy.

I didn't know these extenders even existed. I see that they are available for purchase online but has anyone seen them sold at regular stores as well, like Target, etc?

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The only time we didn't use onesies with cloth diapers is if we were using wool covers or fleece covers. No issues with FB though.

I haven't seen the extenders at Target though my sister bought me some that had a price tag from WalMart on them. I'd probably just order them online myself.

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I've never seen them in stores, just online, but I don't really look for them either.

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I'm a little late to the game... But just wanted to say that I only have problems if his onesies are getting too small/tight. So if I have issues I just get him some bigger sizes. I like for him to wear an undershirt most of the time, and as long as its big enough, I rarely have an issue. I would wait and see how your LO does. My DS is a super heavy wetter but not all babies are.

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no problems other than yes, he sizes up faster. Smile i have one FB and he doesn't leak out of it either.