Ordered some Kawaii's

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Ordered some Kawaii's

Those suckers are hard to come by, since they only stock them every now and then. I kept catching them at the wrong time. Well today I ordered 2 of the overnight diapers and 5 of the ultrasoft cross over square tab one size diapers. Since we are sending diapers to daycare with Aaron (we never did with nathan), I was thinking that we will need more of a stash for the bigger diapers. For both of them we had size small pocket diapers (fuzzi bunz and GADs), and then most of the rest of our stash is made up of OS diapers, with some mediums. Hopefully we can use our BG 3.0 OS and the Kawaii's as our daycare diapers. Can't wait to get my fluffy mail.

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I think you'll really like them!

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They should work great as daycare diapers! Smile

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Nice! I guess I got lucky when I ordered mine Smile They should make excellent daycare diapers. That's what I was going to get, until I discovered how cheap Sunbabies are (I still like Kawaiis better, though)

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I guess I got lucky too! I ordered mine from the through eBay but there were plenty of lots up for sale. I think you will be happy with them!

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yeah when i checked ebay (since i knew some of you ladies had ordered them there) there were either huge lots or 1-2 diapers...glad you all like them Smile