Pocket Diaper- Best option for day care

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Pocket Diaper- Best option for day care

I need a pocket diaper to show potential baby care givers. People in this small town are narrow-minded, ignorant, OK I will stop being mean.

This will be my first baby. I will be using pre-folds and covers until day care, but then I wanted to get the easiest option for others when they are watching my baby.

SO, my question is What should I get Pocket Diapers? Brands? other options?

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I liked Sunbabies for my daycare diapers. They're extremely affordable (I got mine for 12 diapers=$60), cute, trim, and work well for everyday use. I just prestuffed them and it's no different to the caregiver than a disposable, other than putting it in a bag for you rather than the trash.

I did put liners in them too, so that the poop would be easier to dump off later (since they wouldn't do that part and sitting around drying out = stuck)

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Hi Daisha!!!!

I currently send Sunbabies (Adair's hand-me-downs actually ;)) and a few other random WAHM pockets I've picked up. If you just want an example to show potential daycares, I can find a pocket diaper at the JBF consignment sale and get it to you. Or, I can send you a BumGenius pocket that needs to have the elastic replaced. I'm not a sewer so its not going to get replaced at my house ;).

You're going to start sending baby to daycare at about 8 weeks, right? Baby should be big enough to fit in OS pockets by then (especially if baby gets a whopping dose of your DH's genes :)). Still, different pockets will be better for babies with different body types. So, you might want to get a few different kinds, test them on baby, and then invest in a bunch. You can also try websites like diaperswappers.com to look for used diapers. There are tons of pocket brands. Lots of WAHMs make really cute ones at a fair price.

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Sunbabies! I love our Sunbabies, and tell everyone about them.