Pocket diaper recommendations?

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Pocket diaper recommendations?

We have lots of pockets diapers but I noticed on the last wash three of my haute pocket diaper PUL has separated. So I don't think it's fixable. I was using the haute pockets because the BG3.0 is pretty small on Eli.

Anyone have a recommendation for a larger pocket? I just want to replace thethree that I threw out. Eli's on the verge of PL just in time for new baby's arrival(great timing, huh?:roll:)

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Our son outgrew the BG 3.0's at one point, but Kawaii diapers fit him. And I love the Kawaii's...we have a lot of them! The BG 4.0's are slightly bigger I hear! We have 2, but haven't had a chance to use them much since our son potty trained shortly after I bought them.

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I have a bunch of Kawaii mom label bamboo pockets. I really love them now that the bamboo is up to full absorbency. I also really like my Blueberry and Swaddlebees pockets, but I'm too cheap to buy them at full price. They don't have anything on their clearance page right now, but join their e-mailing list and you'll find out when they're restocked on there. All of the above pockets have a good tall rise and a descent waist size.
I don't have any BG 4.0s but my next door neighbor does and they look to have a good rise on them.