Prefold and flat advice

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Prefold and flat advice

My 2 month old is currently wearing yellow edge GMD prefolds but her legs are so chubby that they do not have a lot of extra room over the legs. I could use a few more prefolds so I'm trying to figure out what size would be best. Should I try their wide baby size? Or is there another brand that may fit better?

What if I wanted to try flats. I've never used them but I wouldn't mind having a few around, just to try.


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Why not start off with some Target flour sack towels to explore flats? 4 for $3.99. Biggrin We mostly use the origami folds because it works for us so I'm not too familiar with other folds. It took watching a video on you tube a few times before I got it, but now it's quick and easy. They're good to pad fold for extra absorption in other diapers if nothing else!

And no idea about prefold sizes since I started off with waaaaay too big with DS and he's in the same prefolds that I bought when he was 4 months. Lol