Prefolds and toddlers

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Prefolds and toddlers

We've almost exclusively used prefolds up until recently when I got a few pockets. DD is walking now and I fear that the extra bulk of the prefolds is holding her back. Has anyone used prefolds all the way through to PTing? I mean, I know people used to back in the day but kids also PT'd a lot earlier. We also EC part time and its a pain getting the prefold off in time. Pockets are waaaay easier in that respect. Should I start stocking up on a few more pockets to make walking and PTing easier in the future? Or perhaps I'm just digging for a reason to buy that embroidered grinch diaper. Wink

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Ha ha! We used prefolds until DD was about 6 mos. We were going to continue using prefolds, we even had the second size bought- but the ones we had were the Bummis Baby size. For us, they were SO HUGE that we couldn't even fold them up small enough to fit inside a cover. That said, I have seen plenty of kids with diapers HUGELY stuffed for whatever reason and they all seem to walk just fine. I can totally see your point about getting the pfs off faster for PTing.

I don't have any advice... heck...get a few more pockets if you like... and use em half and half! Smile

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I have thought the same thing about DS being in flats nights and weekends with walking. We are also trying to use the toilet more, but flats have the same problem. Have you thought of training pants for the ecing while at home during the day, on the few occassions we are home the next few weeks we are looking at training pants/ underwear time.

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We used prefolds mostly until a few months ago when we figured out we like fitteds better. DD just turned 2, so she definitely wore prefolds while learning to walk, and she had no problems learning. She sometimes looked a little funny at first, but I think that had more to do with learning to walk, and less to do with her big fluffy dipe. Wink

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I have an entire stash of Sunbabies I might be willing to sell you for reeeeally cheap. Like maybe pizza and beer cheap Smile

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"cactuswren" wrote:

I have an entire stash of Sunbabies I might be willing to sell you for reeeeally cheap. Like maybe pizza and beer cheap Smile

Ooooohhh. I might totally take you up on that!

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We did prefolds from birth to potty with DS, after newborn stage we trifolded in covers so there was a lot between the legs. Never noticed a problem with walking. He would look a little funny wadling around in his night diaper just before bed but it didn't seem to bother him. During the day there was no difference.

He did potty train early and shorty after started refusing to wear a diaper at night too (any diaper, cloth or disposable). I don't think that was the bulk though just growing up.