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Hello Ladies,
I am thinking of going back to cloth diapering with my 2yrold and my almost 4yrold. My 4yrold is trained except at night and regularly wets through his disp pullups and my 2 yrold is going to start potty training soon(hopefully). I have Lg pocket diapers that I am going to try some hemp inserts in to see if that works.
But I am wondering if they would respond better to a pullup type cloth diaper. In your experience what are the best cloth pullup type diapers? What brands have you tried?
TIA for your opinions!-

These are ones I am especially interested in because they look like real underware. Has anyone tried the TinkleTime overnight trainers?

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I haven't used them yet but I was thinking about getting training pants by Blueberry.

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That's exactly what my almost 4 year old uses. They work really well. I got his from her in stock store here http://hyenacart.com/ladderhilldesign/index.php?c=19 and they don't have the snaps. It makes them a little tricky to stuff but I have a method down now. I didn't really like the bamboo inserts though. Something about the fit or maybe lack of mf made DS have some leaks. BB hemp/mf inserts fit really well since they are narrow. I also use the flip organic inserts though they are a tight fit they work and are VERY absorbent. DS has no trouble pulling them up or down and we never get leaks now. Granted they are bulky b/c of needing the stuffing for nighttime. He makes it very clear they are not diapers since he also is completely potty trained during the day. Oh, his have the velour inner if that matters.

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I looked into getting trainers, but it was hard to find something affordable but absorbent enough too. So I just stuff my larges with LOTS of inserts and that gets us by. He doesn't care that they're diapers; he knows he only wears them at night and he can unsnap them to use the potty in the morning.