Query about Fuzzibunz (one size)

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Query about Fuzzibunz (one size)

Hello there, everyone! I used Fuzzibunz with DD1 & would like to use them with my new little munchkin. I absoutely LOVE them...and now I see they have a "one size" diaper. I've read a few different things about them & the reviews are pretty positive as a whole. However, the concerns I have are that people complain of both the bulk & the fact that peepee leaks out of the legs.
Do any of you use these? Anything I should know before I spend $300 on a bunch of diapers? LOL, thanks in advance!!

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Fuzzibunz one size are the only CDs I use, DS has been in them since he was 2.5 months & I LOVE them, they are holding up great, have zero stains & he has never had a blowout in them (knock on wood:)). I stopped using onsies almost immediately after he started in them because he would leak onto them, but as long as he is in normal pants (no romper type things) then I haven't noticed the leaks being an issue. The bulk was a little hard to get used to, esp when he was so little, but now that he is older & tall & skinny they help keep his pants up. I don't like the set of clothes that come with the shirt & pants because I feel like he needs a larger pant size to accomodate the dipe, but again, not a huge issue overall.

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I don't mind the FB OS diapers. Haven't had any leak issues with FB. FB are more bulky than the Flip OS diapers that I have, but similar to BumGenius, Kawaii and Romparooz OS that I have. The Flip's are NOT pocket diapers so less bulky, but the FB seem to be average for a pocket.

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We haven't really had any leaks with our FB OS Smile I don't find them to be any bulkier than other OS pockets really. I really like the way the elastic is done because it means it's easier to replace if it wears out. Smile

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Thanks! I've gotten some great info on FB & other dipes. I actually think I may give bumgenius a shot, too!

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Hi Smile

I use mostly the bumgenious one size. I also have a FB one size. Bulkiness is about the same on both. I choose the BG over FB though because I don't like the snap configuration on the FB, just have a hard time with them although silly reason to not like it. Overall it is a really nice diaper.

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I prefer bumgenius over fuzzibunz one size. For some reason I have a hard time getting a good fit with fb and I don't care for the elastic adjustment. My kids have skinny legs. I do love the sized fuzzibunz. My youngest was in the smalls for a year and will wear mediums until pl'ing (unless something crazy happens).