Question about Thrush

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Question about Thrush

Hi ladies! I've been meaning to get on here with some pictures of DD in her cloth but haven't really had a chance. She will be 4 weeks tomorrow (Wow, can't believe she is that old already!) and we have been doing very well with the GMD orange prefolds and covers. My only complaint is that she fusses sooner about a wet prefold than she does in a sposie. I just change her really often during the day but at night she regularly sleeps at least one 4 hour stretch so we have been using disposibles for night still.

Anyway, my question. Found out Monday that we have Thrush and the doctor warned that it is very easy to spread it to their bum if you aren't careful so I am concerned about her prefolds and the wetness sitting against her butt. I have some fleece I was going to cut up into liners before I even found out about the thrush but am curious if I am just worrying about nothing or if you ladies have any suggestions for preventing yeast diaper rash? Thanks!

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So long as you're washing your diapers separately from the rest of your clothes there isn't much more you can do to prevent it from spreading. If it does spread you should discontinue using cloth until the rash clears up and then treat your diapers. The easiest thing to do with prefolds is to boil them.

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hot water to kill bacteria so boil or turn up your water heater when washing them

oh, Dawn dish soap is an antibacterial as well