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I just got my fluff mail of sunbabies and LOVE all the cute prints!!! But my dd has a bit of redness on her bottom, I know that you're not suppose to use cream w/ cloth so I put some cream on here and let her lay open to air for a bit then wiped it nearly all off before diapering her. What do you ladies use? I've been changing her close to every 2 hours not sure why she's red? How often do you change? My stash is growing so far I have twiddlebugs, sunbabies, a few gdiapers and Mabu. I'm addicted lol Smile

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If it's just a tiny bit of redness it could be that the diaper was soaked for a bit before changing (it happens). Some kids are sensitive to microfiber too. Or it could be about 100 other factors (which happens with both cloth and sposies.) We use CJs BUTTer which is cloth diaper safe. Usually some of that on Aiden's bum clears everything up by next diaper change. I've heard Angel Baby is fantastic too. My son is sensitive to wetness from prefolds and flats, which I forgot about until now that we're pretty much only using those. But CJs clears it up every time!

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Earth Mama Angel Baby is great, and cloth safe. I found it in a local store, too (Sunflower, which is the low-cost cousin of Whole Foods). I just wanted to chime in and say you did the right thing by not using just any cream. I was lazy about that, and used liners but some would get mixed in with my laundry and whatnot and it did totally cause absorbency issues that were tough to sort out.

The very best thing for redness with a small baby is air time--you don't even need the cream. Once they get big enough to move around it's harder, but while they're immobile, take advantage and just let her lie around on a folded towel or some prefolds if you have them for five or ten minutes a couple of times a day.