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Rqotd - 8/18

What is your least favorite diaper in your stash? Why?

Maybe we can help each other out or at least help the pregnant lurkers out there! Smile

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My least favorite diaper right now are my mother's ease sandy's fitteds. They work fantastic for overnight with a heavy wetter, but they always stink by the morning. I've stripped them with tons of very hot washes several times and have just given up. They're my "I haven't washed diapers in 2 days, so I guess I'll have to use one tonight" diapers because they reek that badly. I wonder the fact that we have hard water is part of the problem. I don't know anyone else locally who uses fitteds.

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My least fav is our Katydid that I bought used off of eBay. It's the older version-- they are now Oh Katy. I just don't like the way they fit. I actually don't have them right now because I lent them to a friend who just had a baby. They have the overlapping tabs that I think might work well for a NB.

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I have one Happy Heiny os cover that I hate. It just doesn't fit well at all. I kept thinking it would fit better when dd grew, but at 14 months, it still doesn't.

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I don't have a lot, but my least favorite is my fuzzybunz. I just don't like the way the snaps are configured, drives me nuts.

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It was the one Goodmama that I just had to try. It didn't seem like it could possibly be comfortable (on a boy, anyways?) and by the time you had the soaker, and the cover on it was SO BULKY! I ended up selling it a long time ago. Now I pretty much like all of the diapers we have.

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It was the one Goodmama that I just had to try.

Me too! I feel like it's blasphemous to say, since they're so popular, but I just don't get what's so special about them...I like my homemade fitteds way better! They're bulky and yet I found on DD that she soaked through them super fast, plus all the rows of snaps drive me bonkers!

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Of my meager stash, it is the BG that I like the least. It is on the second size. I find the insert bulky where it folds over. The poop flap does not want to stay down.

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If I have to pick my least favorite ever then it would be the Goodmama fitteds I tried. But, they are no longer part of my stash because I sold them. (Thankgoodness I didn't loose any money on them. People are CRAZY over GM's.)

Out of my current stash, I guess it would have to be our Minky Kawaii. I love most of our Kawaii's but that one is not very big in the waist. I have to put it on the biggest setting which seems strange since Jordan is only 16 months. It can get a little wet around the legs too b/c it seems like the minky part absorbs moisture. I think that is b/c Jordan can be a soaper soaker.

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I only have china cheapies, but there are some of those which are just not as well made and not as good a fit on DS. We only use those on weekends because I can deal with leaks but daycare doesn't like to

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We have a couple of the Tots Bots/Bummis Easy Fits... I never use them because I always leave them for last. But mostly, it's just because they fit differently, and are a bit bulkier than our other diapers (BG AIOs and Flips). I don't really hate them. But, I probably wouldn't buy more.