RQOTD - Friday 8/26

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RQOTD - Friday 8/26

What’s your cloth diaper plan if there’s an emergency? With the hurricane affecting so many states, this has me thinking about emergency preparedness. Do you have disposables to use in case you’re without power or have to evacuate quickly for an unknown amount of time? Or do you plan to hand wash your diapers?

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I still have a bunch of size 3 disposables left still from before I switched over to cloth. I was thinking last night that instead of giving them away that I might just keep them for just in case. I have half in my car stored away and half in the house. Even if they're not a great fit, I figured they would work better than no diapers for a newborn and for a toddler through the years.

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Since we do sposies at night, we always have some on hand. I also use them occasionally if she gets a bad rash. I'm still afraid to use diaper cream with our cloth! Even the "cloth safe" creams.

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Just use sposies. Poop grosses me out so I would *never* hand wash a diaper. Blech. I always keep some on hand anyway.

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I went through this earlier this year when we were preparing for a big cyclone and had no idea what would happen. I bought a pack of sposies and used those. I washed all my cloth the day before and took it into the room we were staying in so it was on hand if we had to evacuate because I was not prepared to possibly lose my cloth nappies. We were without power for about 4 days and I was preparing to go and stay at my Mum's for a couple of days because she had power when ours came back on.

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We have some sposies on hand for Irene. It's not supposed to be too bad where we are as we're inland, but we (I) don't want to deal with the poop. I also need to strip my diapers so it worked out having the extra sposies on hand.

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We always have a bag of sposies in the closet, we use them when we go out, when he has a bad rash, or if I'm stripping our cloth.