RQOTD - Monday 12/19

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RQOTD - Monday 12/19

What's your favorite diaper? Why? Is it how it fits perfectly, absorbs the best, or is it just the cutest?

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That's tough. I really like my Mommy's Touch jean print cover. Mostly for the cute factor.

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I like my babyland camo print nappy because it's so cute, especially when I put a black singlet on with it.

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I'm just now venturing into the world of cloth, but so far I really like the gdiapers, they are slimmer fit than the others I have. I'm awaiting my shipment of sunbabies in the mail I ordered some REALLY cute prints I CAN'T WAIT!!!

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My stash is kind of boring. Our cutest diapers are the only prints we have and those are our GroVia AIO's that I use for naptime. (Well, two are prints and two are not.) I think those are my favorite b/c they don't leak during naps like our pockets did. I really like our Blissful Baby AIO I recently got in Jordan's size. I ordered 4 nb size and 4 smalls and that accidentally sent me a large as well. My only complaint is the elastic around the tummy makes it fit a little weird but it functions just fine and it's super duper soft on the inside. Seems very cozy!

I have started getting our newborn stash going and so far it's sort of plain as far as colors go. I'm going gender neutral for now since we don't know the sex yet but I am going to hold out on getting a couple of covers. That way I can have a little more fun with colors or prints.

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Can't believe I forgot to answer my own question! Duh!

My favorite diaper is Bitti Tutto. Once prepped well the snap inserts absorb so much and they fit DS great. I've put all the snap inserts in one before and it lasted all night with DS! It was completely soaked, but no leaking!

Right now I'm very grateful for flats. Despite my cover fail the other day, they work out great since you can fold them to fit your baby exactly and they wash SO EASILY! I've decided that you really can't mess up washing flats. lol