RQOTD - Monday 9/26

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RQOTD - Monday 9/26

Have you ever received a cloth diaper as a gift?

For those that put cloth diapers on your baby registry, did anyone actually buy and gift you one off your registry like you wanted?

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I tried really hard to buy an bitti tutto a couple of months ago on a deal a day site. It kept selling out on me as I tried to pay. Beccasweet sent me one of hers that she got. Biggrin I see some cloth diaper swapping between us over many, many years. Wink

I did not put CDs on my registry because I didn't even consider CDing while pregnant figuring it would be too much work for me. How silly looking back! lol.

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I have actually gotten cloth diapers as gifts. My SIL has bought diapers for my kids TWICE now- once was a monkey fitted and a camo cover from Dianne's Diapers on HC and the second time was a Tweedle Bug OS pocket Smile

I also received a diaper as a gift from a WAHM because she fixed a diaper I was pretty much scammed on and felt bad so she sent me an awesome minky pocket with a Star Wars applique.

Fluffy gifts are awesome!

I didn't put any CD's on my registry b/c I didn't have a shower with Xander (not by choice). Had I had a shower, I would have put CD's on my registry- though I think my SIL would have been the only one to buy them Wink

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Actually, my mom bought almost all of my BG stash for me. She bought me 18 BG OS while I was pregnant (from registry). My dad bought me a package of 6 pre-folds as well. I have good parents Wink

As for my friends, they made me laugh when they made my shower a diaper shower. I have lots of disposables I may or may not ever use.

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I registered only at BRU, so I did register for some horrible brand they sell on there, online only. My aunt got me the "trial pack" I ordered, but I never did use it. The diapers were totally horrible plastic on the outside, had ugly prints, and even though they were called one size they were barely adjustable. I think I ended up giving them to my mom to donate to the second hand store or something.

But, true story, when my BFF was pg with her second and decided she was going to cd, her work (she's a teacher) threw her a shower, and the only present was her entire newborn/infant stash!!! I think she was using thirsts duo pockets, and she got like 20 of the size 1s. Plus wipes. And maybe a wetbag. It was the best diaper cake I'd ever seen!! And it was good, cause the diapers were the ones she wanted. Jealous!!!

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Not unexpectedly. With each pregnancy my mom has asked outright what I need/want as that baby's gift from her. With DS1 I asked if she'd buy some things off my Nicki's diaper registry.
I haven't had a shower since my 1st baby and at that point cloth diapers weren't on my mind at all. I have done a registry with each baby but I've never told anyone about them (Except my mom).

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I've never gotten a CD as a gift but I would love to! I didn't register for any CD's... I'm not sure why!

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I have never had a nappy as a gift and didn't have a registry, it's not a big thing where I live. I have seen some that I would love to get friends when they have babies though even if they don't do cloth full time but for pictures and stuff.

My Mum's cousin asked what brand of nappies I would be using as she wanted to buy me a box and almost died when my Mum said I was using cloth. She didn't think people did that anymore.

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I registered for a ton of diaper stuff and received not a single diapering item. People avoided it like the plague. It was rather odd :rolleyes:. I've never received a CD as a gift either. Now that my stash is pretty complete, it would be really funny if people got me CDs for future baby #2.