RQOTD - Wednesday 9/7

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RQOTD - Wednesday 9/7

What was your first cloth diaper that you purchased? Do you still use it (or would if it fit)?

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My first CD purchase included 2 Kawaii heavy duty pockets, 2 Kawaii covers, and 6 prefolds. I still use the covers and prefolds all the time. I sold the pockets. They worked well for us, I just wasn't ever reaching for them.

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My very first purchase was a dozen prefolds, 3 covers (prorap in white, bummies sww in white and thirsties in lavander) and then a second order at the same time for 2 Blueberry minky wraps and a minky pocket. I don't use any of them on a regular basis, though I still have them. I use pocket diapers 99.9% of the time and the original pocket diaper I ordered is pink. If I am using prefolds (and I do use the original prefolds *when* I use prefolds/covers), I prefer my Thirsties DuoWraps and I don't use covers often enough to need the 'extras' (and my original Thirsties is purple) I keep meaning to sell off my girly diapers but can't bring myself to Lol I'm a diaper hoarder, I have all sorts of diapers I never use but keep 'just in case'.

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My first diaper purchase was a cover. I think it was an orange Thirsties XS. Pretty sure that won't fit anymore ;).

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My 1st was a BG, BG snap and a FB. use all 3.

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I think it was a Baby Kanga. I didn't like them, and sold every one that I had (about 8 or so?!)

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My first diapers were a pair of BumGenius AIO's I had asked for at a shower.

I've been using them for about two years, and was using them yesterday. Smile

For a long time, they were at the bottom of my stash--- they're not very absorbent at all when you let them air-dry, and I always separate out my covers for line-drying. But then I double-checked the care instructions, and found they were safe to dry on warm... and I liked them a lot better after that.

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I think our first purchase included a whole lot of Bummis infant sized prefolds, some Bummis cover and some Thirsties covers and 8 BG AIOs. We haven't used the prefolds since she was 6 mos old, but we TOTALLY will for the next baby...like I can't WAIT to use them again. Smile And we still use our BGs all the time- they are our primary diaper these days.

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My first purchase was my 20 pockets, we still use them daily. Before buying them I was given 20 flat folds from my aunt who had them for her son 13 years ago.

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my first CD purchase was a bunch of small FB's - old style with the pointy tabs - bought in late 2007 prior to DS1. still using them right now on DS2. Probably won't be in them much longer. His legs are getting a bit chunky and the rise is getting somewhat short...little butt crack hanging out :bumshakin:

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My first purchase was a set of small old-style FB. They aren't my favorite, but I've used them with both kids now. In fact, here is a picture of when I got them. (I was very excited.):

Oh I guess I didn't keep all of them. I only kept the bug prints, the red, and the greens. The others were irregularly sized - the black and blue ones had really tight leg elastic and the blue ones were a lot bigger. One reason why I dislike FB.