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    I forget.


    Quote Originally Posted by demon_misses16 View Post
    Just bought my first cloth diapers!!!! AHHH I am so excited... back to the question, No, my husband said they were too girly. I hate it though because I LOVE leopard print.
    Glad to hear you've turned over to the "dark side."
    And I totally put my son in pink diapers. He has two pink minky diapers and one cover that's chocolate with pink dots. My husband isn't so thrilled by them, but as long as it's covered when we leave the house he doesn't complain......much. lol. What can I say, it was cheaper to buy the two minky diapers in bulk with others and the cover was MUCH cheaper than the boy ones.

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    We have a Rocky Mountain cow print. And I have a jungle print Kawaii but it has animals on it, not the actual animal *coat* print.
    I'm actually not big on prints because they don't match as well. I like solids better.
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