Stash pictures!

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Stash pictures!

Got my newborn stash all rewashed and put away Smile I had most of the fitteds but I made a few more this time around, and then under the covers/wipes I have a dozen newborn prefolds

My new Sunbaby diapers Biggrin

And a Sunbaby on the smallest setting vs a Kawaii Pure and Natural on the smallest setting

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Aw! I love the froggies! The rise looks pretty similar on those two diapers. My Sunbabies are snaps. With velcro, I'd imagine you'd be able to get them smaller than what I'm able to.

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Awesome! I should hopefully be getting our frog diaper in the mail this week. I really like that blue grid. Hate that I missed out on it. The rise looks almost the same with those two. I'll be interested in knowing how they compare while in use on a NB. Keep us posted--- with pics! Smile

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Definitely let us know how the Sunbabies work on newborns! I'll need a couple of non prefolds for the next kid for a smaller size. lol. I really love their frog print too.
Great looking stash! Smile

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How fun! Looks like you're set! I really like that white w/blue dots Sunbabies!

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What a great stash! How many covers do you have? What kind are they? I am looking for some good covers and prefolds for a newborn.

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I only have 4 covers for a newborn, all of them are the Thirsties Duo size 1s. They worked wonderfully with my other son and we started cloth at 6lbs so I think they should work fine for this baby too. 4 was plenty for us but we've always done sposies at night and obviously I use fitteds more than prefolds. The fitteds contained the poo prety well.

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and I'll definitely share newbie pictures Wink I mean to take cloth pictures with DS more but he takes off diapers so he's always in clothes and then I always forget when I'm changing him. They fit him pretty well though, I haven't figured out the perfect snap configuration for him yet since I've only used each of the 3 in his stash once so far. Anyways, newborns are much easier to photograph in cloth Wink

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Great stash!!! Love the colors. Smile

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I love seeing a freshly washed stash just waiting for a baby to be born! Biggrin Sunbaby has some cute prints too! I love the blue polka dots and the frogs.

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Nice stash! I should get on this too and take some pics Smile

How many covers do you have? What kind are they? I am looking for some good covers and prefolds for a newborn.

Just thought I'd put in my 2 cents...I used Bummis Super Whisper Wraps for DD as a newborn and I'll be using them again. THey're thicker than Thirsties so they contain the liquid poop really well, and I find they fit a bit trimmer in the small size than the Thirsties do. (I really like the Thirsties too - but my DD had chicken legs as a newborn and the Thirsties didn't fit right away)

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So cute! I love tiny little newborn diapers.