Stash switch-a-roo

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Stash switch-a-roo

I am (was) a diehard pocket lover. Fuzibuns, BGs, Kawaiis, Blueberrys, the list goes on and on of what I have in my stash. I started CDing when DS2 was 4 months old, so these OS diapers did the trick. With DS3, we wanted to CD right from the start. I opted to get a NB stash of prefolds and covers since it seemed the easiest route with how many diapers you end up changing. I.LOVE.COVERS!!! And ironically, hubby does too. No stuffing required. I want to sell my pockets and start collecting a new stash ASAP. Anyone out there who does prefolds/covers, what do you love/hate about it when toddler-dom hits? More leaks? Easier to potty train?

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HI!!!! I love prefolds and covers! I have tried a few different kind but I love them the most. I am actually working on making covers and prefolds and selling them. Smile My little is just over a year and started walking and honestly I haven't had any issues with them. The only thing I have noticed is I actually have to use a snappi now that he is moving around or the diaper slides off, though that might have to do with the fact that his prefold size is too small now. Blum 3

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How funny, I've done an opposite flip-flop. I still like prefolds and covers but I'm loving being able to just snap the diaper on with no folding involved. I like having prefolds around to snappi around the house though.