Still here-- with pic :)

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Still here-- with pic :)

I know I haven't been around in a while. The twinkies are keeping me busy. For about a month now we have been through with the twins plus brest friend pillow. The have to nurse separately now-- hence less time to spend online.

But I just wanted to say that I'm still around and to share a recent fluff pic of Alaina and Aiden.


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They are too stinking cute!!

I don't know how you managed to continue nursing them at the same time for as long as you did! I'd think there would barely be enough room for the both of them. Not to mention the baby wars. Wrestling with my ONE nursling is hard! They'll soon start to cut back on how much they're nursing and you'll have a moment to rest again .... until they start walking ;). Great job mommy!

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They are adorable!!!

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Aww! They look great
Way to grow 'em momma!

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What an adorable picture of them! They're so cute and chubby. :mrgreen:
Congrats to you for BFing and CDing them for so long! WTG mama! :party:

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They are so adorable!!!!