Still in mediums... at 2?

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Still in mediums... at 2?

I know I don't post here often, I just don't have the time anymore but I did want to see if anyone else had a skinny minny like me. My daughter will be 2 in a couple weeks and is still on the middle snap on most of her OS diapers and can wear mediums in GADs. (I think they are the only sized ones I'm using right now...) Anyway, I wonder if I will even get into the larges I have before she PTs! She is getting towards the end of the rise on her OS dipes (mostly Blueberries) but her legs are so skinny I don't know if they'll be big enough to fill up the largest rise.
And I can still put her in a size 3 sposie (I put her in 4s but I know she'd fit in a 3 still).
Anyone else have a super-small 2 year old? Did anyone have a child who PTed before they got into large dipes?

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My DD is younger - 14 1/2 months, but she's itty bitty - 10% for height and weight, skinny waist and thighs. We have OS dipes so not an issue for us, but I wonder if mine will PT prior to being on the last snap? I hope you got to use the Larges with your DS?

Oh and Happy Almost Birthday to your DD! Smile

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Thanks! Yep, we used them a LOT with him since he didn't pt until 3 - 3 1/2. Noel is already interested in sitting on the potty so I'm hoping she will train sooner!

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My DD is 22 mos, and we still have her on the middle rise and third snap (counting from the outside) on our BG AIOs. So she still has plenty of room to grow in those dipes. I just took her to the doc yesterday- she's 23lbs and 32 inches. She's pretty darn skinny I think. And she has also just started PTing... she's peed on the potty twice in about the last week, so I would say it's likely that she PTs fully before she needs to have the diaper on the biggest size.

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my DD is chunky, she just turned 3 and i can still put her in most our OS dipes, but she's almost 37 lbs and she's pushing it! i never did buy any covers bigger than a size M though, and sometimes she asks for a cover over her undies (just finishing the potty thing here!) when she's playing. those dipes really do have a large size range, and never buy the size up unless you really need it, lots of kids go to potty from mediums or size 3 sposies!

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My kiddos are 2 and 3, and they both will fit into a size 3 disposable diaper. We used OS CD's. Both my kiddos are PTed now, but I can't imagain they would have ever wore a diaper bigger than a size 4 sposie before PTing.