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stink issue

So I now have a stink problem. We got a HE washer recently because the old washer broke and it was 15+ years old. I love the HE for clothing, but not happy about diapers. *sigh* I've tried stripping with dawn, but either I didn't put enough in or I don't know. Would you put an oxy/vin mix in the washer, or do you do that in the tub? Should I just try a load with just the oxy?

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I did my oxy/vin soak in a bin, not in my washer. I don't think it will necessarily HARM your washer, but if it's a front loader you can't really do a proper soak, and it ties up the whole machine for many hours/overnight.

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I did an oxyclean soak overnight. If you can't do that with your washer, use a tub!

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I did it in a tub as well, because of the way that the HE washer just doesn't actually put in enough water to actually soak. Good luck! I've have terrible luck with my diapers and HE front-loaders! Sad

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agree with the soak. if you don't want to do it in the tub maybe just use the diaper pail?

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Thanks ladies! Going to wash my stash tomorrow and then soak all day sunday in the tub, and then run it through the washer Sunday night. I hope it works!!!!

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If you want more water in the machine I have been told that if you rinse, but don't spin first the items in the machine weigh more and then more water goes into the machine when you wash.