Stinky diaper ?

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Stinky diaper ?

So I did a diaper swap with someone. This diaper stinks. It doesn't smell like ammonia, but a combination of poop and maybe.. Smoke?. It's hard to place. I've already washed it twice. What can I do to get the smell out? It's a pocket with an outer layer of PUL, inside micro fleece.

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Well, as I've mentioned before I always start simple. Hot rinses (since it's just one diaper I'd even just do it in a sink while wearing gloves or using tongs) and sunning! Maybe an oxyclean soak if several hot rinses don't help? I know people use BacOut, but I don't have any which is why I'd go to oxyclean. Vinegar after that? I know it can react with some people's water, but it's worth a shot if nothing else works!

Oh, and I'd tell her that her diaper stinks and it's an issue! I'm always hesitant to get used diapers though I've done it before. I just did lots of hot washes and sunned till I felt okay about the diaper.

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Sorry. I hate somebody would swap a diaper in that condition but perhaps if they smoke, they couldn't smell it on it anyway. Beee

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I honestly have gotten this really weird burnt smell in Xander's diapers when I'm not using a good detergent. It's like it didn't rinse clean enough and then the heat from the dryer exacerbated it? Since I've switched back to Rockin Green, I haven't had that issue.

Generally speaking though, when I have a stink issue I need to resolve I try any of the following:
a few squirts of simple green added to the wash
maybe some vinegar
or a good soak in a good cd friendly detergent

and I make sure to always wash on hot since it seems to help. I haven't been happy the few times I've had to wash on cold.