Stripping Methods for Kawaiis

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Stripping Methods for Kawaiis

Hey gals

I know stripping has been discussed on here a lot before, but my Kawaiis (our overnight diapers) are in desperate need of stripping and I'm not entirely sure of the best way to go about it and I have some specific questions. I need to figure this out quickly, though, because not only are they smelling to high heaven, they're leaking after maybe one pee--before I even get her into bed! Ugh.


1. I think the problem is leftover from some really terrible diaper rash issues that had us using a lot of products on her bum. I tried to use liners, but didn't always, and I think I'm paying for it now.
2. We have really hard water.
3. We live in a desert, so a method that does not involve a thousand hot washes would be much appreciated.
4. Two are velcro and two are snaps. I would just try boiling them, but is that OK for snaps?
5. My normal wash routine is cold quick rinse, hot wash with an extra rinse. I use Rockin Green Hard Rock.

ANY insight you can provide would be awesome!

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I would not boil them. Boiling is more for natural fibers without the snaps and such. Snap would probably melt and I imagine it wouldn't be good for the PUL.
Since it's just a few diapers, you could just wear rubber gloves and use a sink filled with very hot water to hand scrub them with a little bit of Dawn. Keep changing out the water to more hot water until there's no suds. The Dawn should help remove anything from the diapers that shouldn't be there. Ammonia smell with hard water is usually due to build up of detergent. Mainly, a lot of washing to get it all out is what's needed.
I had to strip our overnight fitted diapers earlier this week. I just did a whole lot of hot water washes in my washing machine. Stinkies gone! I've since change my detergent to Crunchy Clean. Going to give it a go!

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I agree. You can try soaking them overnight too.

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Wash like normal but do it with 1tbs of dawn and not your detergent and then keep rincing with cold until the suds are gone.

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Thanks, ladies! I actually have some Dawn so I will try some combination of this tomorrow.