Suggestions for rounding out my newbie stash?

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Suggestions for rounding out my newbie stash?

So baby #3 will be here in the fall and I'm planning out/starting to buy his/her stash, since I know DS2 will still be in his dipes and I have nowhere near enough for 2 babies. We have a couple bags of NB sposies leftover from DS2 that we will be using up until the cord comes off, and by 2 weeks the boys were both up to 9-10 lbs, so I'm putting baby straight into OS pockets instead of spending extra money on NB fluff that they will grow out of super fast. So far I know I'm getting 12 Fuzzibunz OS and 12 Sunbaby OS in the smaller size, but I'd still like to add another 6 or so to bring it up to at least 30, I'm just at a loss of what else to get! I need something fairly affordable as we are definitely on a budget.

So any ideas on what else I can get to round out my stash that won't be ginormous on a newbie???