Sunbaby diapers and completing the stash!!
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Thread: Sunbaby diapers and completing the stash!!

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    Default Sunbaby diapers and completing the stash!!

    My first order of Sunbabies came in yesterday and they are SO CUTE!! They are the Red Hello Kitty print. They do look smaller than my Kawaiis but I am hoping that means that Julia will fit into them sooner. I don't know if this means anything to anyone, but they are about the same size as our Kawaii Pure and Naturals (which are only meant to go up to 22lbs). I should be receiving my order of 11 Kawaiis today and I ordered 12 more Sunbabies that should come in about two weeks. This will complete our stash with a total of 33 dipes!!
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    I have two Sunbabies. I don't know if there are different kinds or even what kind mine are because I got them used. DD is right around 22 lbs now and I don't think she's close to outgrowing them. She's on the middle rise setting and I think just a snap out from the smallest waist setting. I honestly don't know how they'd fit a much smaller baby in the waist.
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    Addy's 22 pounds and definitely not outgrowing the Sunbabies we have (purchased in May or something). She has the rise all the way unsnapped, and is on the largest thigh setting, but she's two snaps in on the waist. (Goes to show how different shapes can still work fine when you have such adjustable diapers!) I think Sunbabies should definitely fit sooner than Kawaiis, judging by my own experience.
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    I got mine this last week too! I got 2 frog print, a blue dot and a blue grid, and I also compared mine to the Kawaii Pure and Natural, hoping they fit pretty soon, the only reason I see the Pure and Naturals fitting sooner is they have the crossover aplix whereas Sunbaby diapers don't have crossover snaps, and the crotch may be a little wider on the Sunbaby diapers than the P&Ns. I'd try them on my DS but I'm in the hospital now and I just got the chance to wash them yesterday, so hopefully tomorrow I can go home and try them on him!
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