Training Pants Recommendation?

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Training Pants Recommendation?

We've been dabbling with potty training for a while now, and DS1 is outgrowing his medium-sized diapers, so I'm thinking about replacing his CD stash with training pants instead of upgrading to larges, and see where that gets us.

I've been browsing links on DiaperPin, but reviews for training pants are a little harder to come by than for the CDs themselves, even though a lot of them are made by familiar names--- Happy Heinys, Kissaluvs, Bummis, Kawaii Baby, Sprout, etc.

Anyone have any brands they were really impressed with when it came to their training pants?

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I don't have any recommendations since we didn't use training pants, but I think I'd go straight for underwear. If you want to you could place a large cover (Thirsties, Bummies, etc) over it to keep in the wetness, but I honestly wouldn't spend too much on actual training pants!

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I agree with Ashley, unless you are looking for naptime and bedtime (which is why I actually logged on today to see if their were any threads recommened night time pull-up type things).

Our daycare asked that we use plastic covers at first so when they did have an accident it didn't leak all over the floor. We just used the Gerber ones, they worked well. Other then that, it was just panties. For naptime and bedtime we kept using BGs for nap and our nightime ones for night. They are both good for naps now, but night time they are still wet. They are starting to outgrow the nightime ones (really Addison more so then Brooke). She wakes up with red marks on her legs. So I need to try to find something like a pull-up for night time. Any suggestions?

Oh, and good luck with potty training!!!

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the bummis training pants run REALLY big. Not sure how big your kiddo is, but my DS1 is long and skinny. I think their size small starts around 30 pounds...he was a few pounds shy of that when we used them but because he is so skinny they were very big on him.

we did use them for night time anyway for a while during and after PT'ing, since he was typically dry at night. they don't hold a ton, though, so once he did soak them and it got on his bed too.

i found some hand made ones (not sure if a WAHM business or just someone with sewing skills) on diaper swappers that were smaller and fit him better. they did not have a waterproof outer layer (which Bummis training pants have). I know Gerber sells some that you can get in stores like Target too...never tried those though.

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I don't have any experience with this yet, but i just saw that Grovia just came out with trainers (or they are coming soon)... And a lot of people were excited about them!!

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Just wanted to follow up and say I'd picked up a trio of Kissaluvs pocket trainers. We ended up getting blue with a bicycle-print lining, and a brown and a gold, both with owls, bunnies, squirrels, trees, and flowers in the lining. To be honest, I picked those because I liked the idea of training pants with a flannel-print lining. Biggrin DS1 finds it very reasonable when I remind him, "Don't go peepee on your baby owls!"

They also come with a dinosaur lining, although the vendor I used only had the bikes and owl (safari?) options. The owls are relatively gender-neutral, leaning towards the feminine. You also have the option of adding extra liners inside the pocket, in addition to the sewn-in lining, to increase absorbency--- although I haven't tried taking advantage of that yet, since I've wanted to keep it as streamlined as possible to increase the "underwear" transition feel.

They're available in the 2T (20-32 lbs) and 3T (28-40 lbs) sizes. I ended up going with the 3T size, although I don't know for sure what his current weight is. They're a little big on him in the legholes, so I don't know if it's because he's at the bottom size of that weight spectrum, or if he just has skinny legs. Blum 3 Note to self, remember to weigh him sometime soon. [edit-- he's only 26 lbs, so that accounts for it.]

The waistbands are adjusted like snap-diapers by choosing which sets of snaps to use, but once you have chosen your settings, you can still pull them on and off easily like underwear. That was another important thing we liked about them--- making sure that they go on and off differently than diapers do, to help reinforce the feeling that these aren't diapers; they're underwear.

He wore them the first day with no problems, but fled from them like a vampire flees from garlic for Day #2. Blum 3 But once I connected them with the privilege of wearing boots ("Big boys can wear boots and owl underwear!"), he was A-OK with it, and we can go for a half day or a whole day with no accidents. Dirol Starting off with three is definitely safe; ideally, I'd like a larger stash, but I'm hoping this is just a transitional phase and he won't be wearing them for long. But they're definitely helpful in helping him transition out of his diapers and into big-boy underwear.

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We just used large Blueberry diapers at night until he was old enough to need to have something to pull up and down if he needed to go.
I researched a bit on trainers but the more absorbent ones were too expensive for me to justify and the cheaper ones were more for light wetting.
Honestly, I've found so many deals on the new Huggies Slip On diapers that we've been using the 5s at night.