update on my venture into cloth

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update on my venture into cloth

You've all been so nice answering my questions, I wanted to share with you about my first few weeks with CD.

I am really liking it! At this point, I am only using it during the day while I am home, or out for short trips. Since I only have 6 diapers in use at this time, and DD is getting pretty good with EC, I wash them with her clothes every two or three days. I was using Purex Free and Clear with her laundry before hand, and was happy to discover that it is one of the detergents that is okay for CD.

I got my diapers here:

I think they are a sunbaby knockoff. I don't know how they will stand up to time, or how they would work for someone not doing early potty training, but for me they are great. I like them better than the BG 4.0 that I paid $25 for. I like how the pocket opening is made and they are less bulky than the BG. The craftsmanship on them is nice. I did not find any defects. And, I got them in under two weeks. I think that is pretty amazing given the free shipping.

I put 5 on Kijiji, hoping to sell them, so I could make my money back and convince DH to buy me more. However, so far nothing has paned out. I will give it an other week, and just put those into my stash and venture in to CD at night. DD has started waking up dry, if she sleeps through the night and does not nurse.

An other thing that I like about CD, is that I can coordinate the colour with DD outfits! So cute!

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I'm so glad it's going well for you! Even better that you've found a cheaper alternative that is working for you. It's nice to save so you can afford to buy more! Biggrin

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So glad to hear it's going well! Cute coordinated fluffy butts are the best! That's ultimately why I have so many different covers!

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Glad it's going well. Smile