Updating my stash - need advice

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Updating my stash - need advice

So we did CD almost from the beginning with DD. In fact, we had intended to do it from the beginning, but she was only 6 lbs at birth (full term) and most of the diapers we had bought were too big for her. So we used disposables for about two months, and then switched to cloth when she hit something like 8-10 lbs and could fit into all the diapers we owned.

Now that baby #2 is almost here, we would love to CD from the beginning... but odds are that this baby is going to be about as small as DD was. He's already measuring below the 20th percentile on everything, and both DH and I were small as babies, so it's probably just how our babies will be.

Anyway, for the EBF stage, I really loved fitteds + cover. It was the best combination for DD, especially the velcro ones, which always seemed to fit her better. We had leaks and blowouts with prefolds and pocket diapers, and AIOs never seemed to get clean enough for me, but fitteds worked so well. We ended up buying about half a dozen small-size fitteds (mostly Thristies, that Bum Genius bamboo fitted they sold for a while, and a couple of Happy Heinys). None of them cost me more than $14 a diaper, and they got a bunch of use from about 10-15 lbs.

So I was all ready to order more Thristies x-small fitteds, or maybe something similar for this baby, so we could be gung-ho from the beginning. But it seems like no one makes sized fitteds anymore, and if they do they're all snap instead of velcro! What's the deal? Why does no one want to sell those anymore? They were wonderful! I know Thirsties is doing well with its Duo line now, but that's not what I'm looking for. I want diapers that would fit a larger preemie, like 5-6 lbs, very well with no leaks, and also doesn't cost $$ per diaper. Does such a thing even exist anymore? Any suggestions? Beee

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I think it's because velcro wears out faster than snaps. When people use these diapers they're getting washed constantly and then passed on to friends or sold. I'd check on diaper swappers and there's a FB group called Cloth Diaper Swap.
There are sized GMD workhorse fitteds that don't have snaps. I think they used to have velcro?, but you'd only be able to find them used now through a swap group. Green Mountain Diapers: Workhorse Diaper

Your best bet for premie/newborn fitteds at a good price is definitely used though.

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Definitely checked used sites. Also just quickly poking around I found a WAHM Etsy store (Swircles) that has NB fitteds w/velcro, and another recommended store, Little Lions that has them as well, both run around $5-7 a diaper, which is a pretty good deal.