Washed a few sposies! Help!

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Washed a few sposies! Help!

Ugh. I found four sposies in the wash after I ran the first cold wash and now there's gel everywhere! How the eff do I clean them now? Sorry to curse but I'm really pissed. I just got a new washer and dryer on Wednesday. It could be my own fault. I'm trying to survive on three hours cumulative sleep. That's a whole other story. Sad

Any tips greatly appreciated.

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We have washed a disposible with ours two different times and I didn't find it until I took them out of the dryer do you are not alone. I didn't have any crystals or gel in either machine. Maybe try just shaking them out and washing them again after you do an empty rinse cycle or tub clean if you have that setting?

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I did that before and it washed out just fine.