washing pockets - updated!

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washing pockets - updated!

Is it true I can wash my BG pockets without taking out the pockets and they will work themselves out? I saw that somewhere. I've been too afraid to try it, but it sure would be a time saver if it was true.

Update: I tried it and checked after the first rinse. About 70% had come out, the others were scrunched down in bottom.

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I've heard you can do that too. I think it depends on the sort of washer you have. I'm curious what others have to say because I just picked up some BG pockets at the JBF sale for $5 each! Also got a few Sunbabies for like $4 a piece. I get into trouble every time I stray from prefolds but they were so cheap how could I not?! Wink

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Every time I have put stuffed pockets in the wash (grr, I'm looking at you, DH...) they have NOT worked themselves out. And then when I find them in the dryer all half-washed and still wet, bunched up in the bottom of the pocket, I have to rewash them. Hate.

But the flap on my Sunbabies is so loose that I can literally just dump them out into the bin and then throw the cover in after it, no touching required--doesn't take more than one second, tops.

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I read that on some blog about how this lady has never taken out the inserts and they've supposedly always come out in the wash.

Well, I can tell you that I always know when my husband is being lazy and did not take out the insert. Because the insert is still in there!!! I won't use the diaper till it's washed again. Ew!

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I agree with those above.
The odd time I did not pull out the insert, they bunshed up in the bottom of the diaper. They never made it to the dryer, because I airdry my covers.

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Yep, I'm with everyone else, with my normal pocket diapers like BumGenius/Fuzzi Bunz/Happy Heinys....the insert bunches up at the bottom of the pocket if I forget to take it out, gross. Definitely doesn't wash out. The only diapers I can leave the insert in with are my Smartipants and Sweet Pea

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I never un-stuff! I do this with my FB also and a couple of WAHM pockets I have. Only a couple times have I had an insert stay in... If it does, I just remove the insert and throw the whole thing in the bin to be washed next time. Usually when I have a problem is if I have double stuffed... so one insert comes out and one stays in. DS is a HEAVY wetter and we have to really stuff those puppies good to get them absorbent enough!

You should give it a try though! I would NEVER use pockets if I had to un-stuff them every time! YUCK! haha

ETA: wow... i just went back and read that everyone else is not having the luck I am. That caught me off guard! Sorry ladies! I have a top-loader though... maybe that makes a difference??

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I have a top loader to and I have never un-stuffed my pockets. They always work themselves out. Lucky I guess. I usually don't super stuff them, though, maybe that would change my luck.

I'm super thankful they always work out because I do not really want to remove an insert from a dirty dipe...why it scares me, I have no idea but it does.

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I always unstuff right when I take the diaper off and stick it in the wetbag like that. I can definitely tell when dh has changed him...the insert is always bunched in the bottom of the diaper, and still smelly of course!

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I have a top-loader and guess what, one diaper somehow got put in the baby laundry instead of diaper pail and it managed to unstuff itself in the regular wash Smile I'm going to try it with my next load of diapers in 2 days and see what happens. I'll check them after the rinse, although I'm guessing they would un-stuff on the wash cycle rather than rinse.