We started solids...

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We started solids...

And I'm still in love with our cd. Smile We have had some major poopies the past few days, but they have all been contained. DH finally got our diaper sprayer built and hooked up. (He bought the stuff from the hardware store to make it himself.) It makes things much easier to be sure. And just to add, that A&A LOVE bananas. They don't care for sweet potatoes or avocados too much alone, but enjoy the bananas mixed in. Smile

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yay! can't wait to hear how you like the diaper sprayer...we never made the leap to get one.

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Glad it's going well. Smile

My DS hates bananas but loves spinach. Figure HIM out! lol.

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Jordan still has the peanut butter poop so our diaper sprayer is an absolute MUST! I guess b/c she is still breastfeeding?? I am glad to hear you are still enjoying CD's!

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I was so relieved to find that solid poo isn't as bad as I thought it would be. I didn't even start using my sprayer until DD started eating quite a bit of solids about a month ago. Everything still came out in the wash until we start giving her things like beans/grapes/blueberries. Certain purees will lead to peanut-buttery poo no matter how little they get. Solid poo is a riddle, wrapped in an enigma, smattered with bean skins. Eww.

I'm glad they like bananas! As for other things, just keep trying!

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"TiggersMommy" wrote:

Solid poo is a riddle, wrapped in an enigma, smattered with bean skins.


Indeed it is. I was super relieved to realize it wasn't that bad either--especially since Adair NORMALLY poops pretty solid, such that it is very easy to just dump off into the toilet. Thank god, since she poops so often that I am literally shocked every time I go to change her and there is NOT poop in her diaper. :eek:

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cloth diaper

i am using cloth diapers especially when baby get some rashes but i often change to posies.
I kinda dont like to do a lot of laundry