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what to buy

Hi again Ladies

I am looking to add to my CD stash and I can't decide if I should just stick with Kawaii OS Pockets, Or try some Sun babies, or try and just add some of what ever i can find on sale. I want to stick with OS Pockets with snaps. Love pockets.
I worry about fit because Lilly is a long and lean baby, she is about 14lbs and 25 in long.

I also want to sell of the 2 OS Kawaii Velcro diapers, and econobum OS covers and prefolds, but i am not sure how to go about that.

Any suggestions and or helpful info appreciated.

Thanks. Chris

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I have both Kawaiis and Sunbabies and I prefer the Sunbabies because the Kawaiis are more of a challenge to fit properly to my DDs chunker thighs. So, perhaps the Kawaiis would be better for your long and lean lady. Good thing about Sunbabies is that they're cheap. Maybe order a few and try them out.

You can try the FSOT thread on here or maybe diaperswappers.com. Craigslist has worked for me!

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I'm not sure about how they compare b/c I've only had Kawaii's.

As far as selling, I would either try Diaperswappers or look around Facebook to see if there are any local CD groups that have a swap page set up or meetings where people sell or swap. I've tried Craigslist but it was a bust. Most CD moms have had complaints about CL buyers wanting diapers dirt cheap or being flaky. I find Diaperswappers people to be more reliable or selling locally to be easy b/c you don't have to ship. HTH!

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You can try the FSOT thread here and I know one person who had luck and a good experience by using the Jack Be Natural, Jack ReStash FB page. http://www.facebook.com/JackReStash

My son has turned into a long torso skinny kid and we've done great with the Kawaii mom label bamboo diapers. Kawaii has a taller rise compared to many, which is helpful for us. I also like Bitti Tuttos (but will only buy them from one of those deal a day sites b/c they're expensive lol). I also really like my swaddlebees and blueberry diapers; all of mine I've picked up from their clearance page. Right now we're mostly using flats and prefolds due to washing arrangements. Haven't tried sunbabies. We don't use mircrofiber inserts at all now.

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I love both Sunbaby and Kawaiis. The Sunbaby's are not as bulky and I like that but I don't feel like that fit as well around his chunky tummy. The Kawaiis have the best fit on my guy... and he's just big. He's not overly chunky, just big-built.

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Sunbabies! I do have a Kawaii, but my little man has wide hips and won't be able to use the hip snaps for too much longer. I really love my Sunbabies. Smile