What to use at hospital?

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What to use at hospital?

For the CD mamas, what did you use at the hospital? Did you just take the cloth diapers or used something else. If you used the cloth was it hard to get the meconium out?

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I used disposables but that's because I was using a diaper service at the time and DD came a few days before my first delivery was scheduled. There's really no strong reason not to use cloth in the hospital. I plan to bring cloth next time. Meconium will wash out and if it stains you can always sun them.

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I used sposies. Just one less thing to think about at an already hectic time. One less thing to have to take home and do when I got home. I was a little worried about losing some since sometimes the nurses will change baby. Another thing that was a factor for me is my last two have been boys and we circ. in the hospital. With DS1 I used sposies the first 2 weeks, DS2 I took a lot longer and still use sposies about 25% of the time.

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I didn't CD DS till he was almost 5 months, but next baby if I give birth someplace where they provide diapers (like most hospitals do) I'll use their disposable diapers while there. One less thing for me to worry about. We'll switch over after being home as soon as I feel like I can do the laundry (I had a c/s with DS and if I end up with another c/s there's no way I'm doing CD laundry those first 7-10 days).

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We used sposies up until DD was a month old. That's when she lost her cord stump. Her diapers rode higher on her belly so I didn't want to have a wet diaper over it.

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IMO, I didn't want to deal with what to do with the cloth diapers while we were in the hospital. I couldn't imagine a bag of dirty meconium diapers sitting around for two days in a small room. It turned out to be a good idea because we were in the hospital two days longer than expected. Plus the disposables were already there at the hospital. Smile

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Yep, we just used the free hospital diapers too. Less to worry about and easier. DD started cloth at two weeks, when everything in our stash fit her, and I feel just fine about that!! A couple weeks of sposies- especially if they have the cord notch cut out, isn't going to hurt a thing!

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I used sposies until the cord stump came off--week and a half for us. The CD I had were OS so they rode up pretty high, and I didn't want a wet diaper over the stump.

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Meconium washes right out, no rinsing need. I did use the hospital sposies though since I only had enough for about 24-36 hours that fit under the cord. I figured I wouldn't be able to get them clean soon enough at home if I used them all in the hospital. I did bring a few and put one on her for the drive home and didn't use any others once home. The sposies actually make great post partum ice packs/pads for mama though. Just slit near the top, fill with ice and fold down the top. They absorb the water as the ice melts and work better for the bleeding since they are bigger than pads.

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"tigrrlily8" wrote:

We used sposies up until DD was a month old. That's when she lost her cord stump. Her diapers rode higher on her belly so I didn't want to have a wet diaper over it.

Same here. My last baby took one month for cord to fall off and this baby is about to lose the cord stump so i anticipate using CD pretty soon for him.

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I used cloth from the start, it's what my local hospital provides. If you don't want to do cloth while in hospital you need to provide your own sposies. The nurses were quite surprised when I was dressing DS to go home that he was in cloth still and asked if it was one of theirs (I had to use flats on him for quite some time because my OS pockets didn't fit his skinny chooky legs)

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We didn't start using CDs until around 3 months with my DD. I have not made my decision about whether or not we will use our CDs at the hospital with this little one. I'm tempted to! The only downside is that I will be using AIO's and prefolds and I'm not sure my DH will be up for trying to learn how to use the prefolds while at the hospital. I know he did all of the changing at first with my DD b/c I had a c/s and could not stand up w/o a lot of pain.

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I have been using sposies because even the infant prefolds that I bought are too big for my baby. She came out a lot smaller than I expected. But honestly, getting used to having a new baby in the house, I couldn't imagine adding extra laundry and trying to "figure out" cloth dipes right at the beginning (this is my first baby and first time using cloth). I am looking forward to switching over, but right now I am still just getting used to having a baby in the house. Smile