Who likes Hybrid diapers?

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Who likes Hybrid diapers?

I have used BGs, Mommy's Touch and Fuzzibunz for my daughter and was thinking about trying Grovia or the Flip diapers for this next baby.

Anyone love these brands>

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I use the flip diapers and absolutely love them Smile

They are pretty cheap in my opinion, and they are easy to use. We bought the regular and the organic inserts and we use the organic inserts for night time because they are more absorbent. That way we don't have to wake Kay up to change her diaper Smile

we have 10 covers and they each came with 3 inserts and I do a wash every 2-3 days depending on how many covers we go through.

If you have any questions feel free to ask Smile

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I ordered a bunch of Flip and Grovia for this new LO. I tried the Grovia on DD and absolutely loved it! I will use the cloth inserts rather than the disposible though...

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I have a few Grobaby (before they switched to Grovia) and a Flip. They aren't my favorites but they work! The Grobaby velcro doesn't stay done very well at all, that's really my big/only issue with them. They certainly feel like they'd be more comfortable in comparison to the Flip, just softer all around and I *love* their biodegradable inserts for camping/times I need a disposable option.
I like my Flip too, it's pretty bulletproof, and I've never had a time that wasn't user error where it's leaked and they definitely are inexpensive.
I don't have the issue anymore but especially with the Flip since the insert doesn't snap into place I used to have problems with the insert bunching of moving around in the diaper, no matter how tight I'd snap the diaper. I love the Flip for DS' age though.
Oh and when he had exclusively breastfed poop it always got on the cover, which meant I was changing a full diaper a lot more often than I would have liked to be.

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After having used pfs + covers (0-6mos) and mostly BG AIOs after that, we just got some Flips with the stay-dry inserts, for living in a place without a dryer. We really like them. When she poops (she is still BFing, and not eating as many solids as she could, so her poops are not really solid), it does often get on the cover- but we find that with how squirmy she is now at 15 mos, it's easier to set up a whole new diaper (cover+insert+liner) and just change the whole thing every time. I just don't put the cover in the wet bag, if it's not dirty. It goes back on the shelf to be used next time. Anyway, we really like them. I like how trim they are too. And, the Flip fits like a BG, which works really well for us.

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Ok, enlighten the newbie please. What are hybrids?

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Hybrids are a cover/insert combo so you can reuse the cover multiple times before washing and they have an option for disposable or flushable inserts as well as cloth inserts.

I love the weehugger covers but with the flip inserts (both kinds). You do need more covers if you use them for a nb since the poop will most likely get on the cover every time. I like fitteds for nb since dd2 pooped several times a day and the fitted contained it so the cover was ok. Now that she poops once a day, I go through fewer covers.

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Thanks Shannon! So I just bought some Grovia covers from another mom and they are new. The package sayd hybrid on them, but they are just the shell and they don't have any liner inside. I'm assuming I could still use pre-folds with them, even if I don't use disposable liners?