Introduce Yourself! (All members must participate!!)
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Thread: Introduce Yourself! (All members must participate!!)

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    Default Introduce Yourself! (All members must participate!!)

    Hi everyone!

    As a part of our Board Guidelines we are asking for all members to take a moment to post a note of introduction on this thread along with a statement that says that you have read and agree to abide by both the Board (specific) and Community Guidelines of the site. You are asked to do this BEFORE you participate in other threads on this board. Your introduction may be as short or as detailed as you would like. Hosts will be monitoring to insure that all members have complied. Those failing to do so may find that their access to post on the board is restricted.

    Thanks in advance for your cooperation!

    ~MissyJ (

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    Hello!! I am Christy. I am mom to Samantha (5), Lilly(2) and Isaiah(10 months). I am also step mom to Elijah (6) and Kyle(20). I have read the new guidelines and I agree with them.
    Christy birth doula, Hypnobabies instructor, small business owner & most importantly MOMMY.

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    I am Rebecca. Mother of Savannah (16 months old) and the PROUD wife of a U.S. Soldier who is currently serving our great nation in Iraq. I have read the board and community guidelines and I will abide by them.

    ETA- Bri is now on my short list of "people I MUST IM soon!" HAHAHAHAHA
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    Savannah 5/28/08

    Owen 10/6/11

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    Hi, I am Michelle and I have never eaten a "fluffernutter" sandwich but I'm going to try one for dinner tonight. I have accepted the fact that I am a mother to 4 wonderful children. Josiah-15, Bethany-10, Emma-5, Olivia-2. I have a crazy life and I love love love it.
    I have read the rules and promise to abide by them or at least accept my punishment if I mess up.

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    I'm Nancy, I've read the guidelines and I agree to abide by them.
    dh ~ Jacob
    dd ~ Ruth(11), ds ~ Jotham(9), ds ~ Caleb(7), ds ~ Evan (4), ds~ Ted (2)

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    Well I'll be the first mod to step into this

    My name is Taryl, I'm a staunch conservative, housewife, and bookworm who loves a good political discussion. I have read the new guidelines and agree to abide by them.

    DD1: 4/07
    DD2: 7/08
    DS1: 10/10/10

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    My name is Bri and I sell dildos. I have three kids that drive me crazy on a daily basis but they're so damn cute that it's worth it. I have read the rules and will do my very best to abide by them.

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    Hi! I am Gina Marie, aka Gina. I was in the Navy as was my hubby. We have two kids, a 9 yr old son and a 9.5 month old daughter. I am ttc #3

    I am a Conservative with a few Librarian leanings. I love this place! I came over a few weeks ago when I was told about this site and when the other site changed to a new format which I can't view.

    I have read the rules and will abide by them!

    eta: I need to talk to Bri later

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    Hellooooooooooo Everybody!!!!!

    My name is Eryn..I am a busy and proud Momma of 5 (13, 10, 8, 4, and 2 yrs old)..and a loved partner and wife for 14+ years, to my darling hubby, Darwin...who is also an ex Navy Man.
    I'm a SAHM..who also loves reading, gardening, canning, anything outdoorsy, quilting, interior decorating, singing, exercising, MY FAMILY ...basically anything domestic in nature..I LOVE, LIVE, and BREATHE it!
    I was a political virgin (LOL) until I came across these political boards and after reading so many POV's and thoughts, that strangely matched my own (and it was strange because I thought I was always alone in my thinking..other than for dh..but he is kinda biased because he has to agree with me! LOL)..I decided to declare who I was and make it also known what I stood for!
    I have to say though..I take far more..than I put out here. LOL.
    Such brilliant and smart ladies I have come to know here and they provide a wealth of information for me to further study upon. I am pretty conservative..but I still can find ways to agree with even my most fierce opposites. I just am stubborn and WILL find something! lol

    I have studied the guidelines and hope this will continue be a great experience for myself. I am fully aware that what ever comes out of my thoughts and mouth, I am 100% accountable for and will accept any it positive or negetive, from those as well.

    Its such a pleasure to be here with all of you! xoxoxo
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    Mom to Karie, Meg, Bailey, Alan & Dustin

    Let not him who is houseless pull down the house of another, but let him work diligently and build one for himself, thus by example assuring that his own shall be safe from violence when built.
    ~Abraham Lincoln~

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    I am Lisa, a wife to a worderful middle school teacher/small business owner and mom to 3 wonderful girls (10, 7 and 2) and pregnant with my first boy due in February! After this the baby factory is closed. I teach preschool and prekindy in the mornings. I am very fiscally conservative and socially I would say I am a libertarian.

    I read the quidelines and plan on following them.
    Molly, Morgan, Mia and Carson

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