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Thread: New roll call 11-3-08 *IMPORTANT - PLEASE PARTICIPATE*

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    Luckytown USA


    Name: Courtney
    Location: Southeast US
    Self-described political leaning: lean kindof of moderate; guess I am between conservative and moderate (depends on the issue)
    TTC Status or Children: DD Rylee will be 1 year next week (sniff sniff)
    Most important political issue: Right now, the economy!

    One fun fact about yourself: Hmm, I am pretty boring; My husband races go-karts
    Last edited by wildcat13; 11-04-2008 at 08:57 AM.
    DD Rylee 11/2007
    DS Tyler 11/2010

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    Name: Amanda
    Location: Ohio
    Self-described political leaning: Conservative
    TTC Status or Children: Two kids- one an infertility miracle; the second a miracle surprise
    Most important political issue: Capitalism/small government/taxes....they kind of all go hand in hand

    One fun fact about yourself: Currently residing with my parents while we build a house....not sure any of that is FUN for us though

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    Location: NC
    Self-described political leaning: Conservative
    TTC Status or Children: Matt 15, Sadie 3, Francesca 10 months, Pg with #4.(I've been busy the past few years,lol)
    Most important political issue: Abortion, the war on terror
    One fun fact about yourself/: As tradition has it, the weekend before Thanksgiving my mil and I get together and make candy, and not just a little. Last year we used over 60 pounds of sugar making fudge, peanut brittle, turtles, old fashioned hard candy, chocolate toasted coconut, and candied nuts. Since the war started we send the majority of it overseas to whoever is deployed from Marc's unit. Everyone in Marc's unit calls me "Candy".

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    Northeast Ohio


    Name: Adria
    Location: Northeast Ohio, in a rural area about an hour from Cleveland
    Self-described political leaning: Republican; conservative on most issues
    TTC Status or Children: Olivia Jo 2 years old, and expecting Owen Michael next Monday! I'm hoping we will try for one more in the next couple of years.
    Most important political issue: National security, sanctity of life, taxes

    One fun fact about yourself: My last day at work was yesterday! My employer thinks I'll be back after my leave, but I won't! Mwa ha ha ha!!!
    Adria and Mike 2/14/03
    DD Olivia - 6/06
    DS Owen - 11/08
    DS Gabriel - 2/10
    Expecting fraternal TWIN GIRLS in April 2011!

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    NJ (south jersey)


    Location: NJ
    Self-described political leaning: conservative
    TTC Status or Children: 1 daughter 15 months old, kind of TTC
    Most important political issue: abortion and illegal immigration

    One fun fact about yourself: I sleep with the enemy every night. DH is in a union so he's a democrap
    DH~ Tony
    DD~ Riley

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    Dallas, TX


    Location: Dallas area, TX
    Self-described political leaning: conservative
    TTC Status or Children:
    DS Lee age 21 (in the Air Force)
    DS Jake age 17 (amputee & cancer survivor for 8 years now)
    DSS Ryan age 17
    DSD Regan age 13
    DS Brandon age 12
    DSS Braden age 8
    DSD Baley age 3
    DS Rocco age 2
    Just remarried and we each have 4 kids
    still undecided on trying for #9

    Most important political issue: abortion, marriage and taxes

    One fun fact about yourself: I grew up in Montana and I have 10 sisters/brothers
    Mom to Lee, Jake, Brandon, Rocco
    Stepmom to Ryan, Regan, Braden, Baley
    Granddaughters Kylie 10/18/2010 & Aleya 4/22/2013

    I never consider a difference of opinion in politics, in religion, in philosopy, as a cause for withdrawing from a friend. --Thomas Jefferson

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    Name: Kalee
    Location: Texas
    Self-described political leaning: Conservative
    TTC Status or Children: Due on May 18
    Most important political issue: 2nd ammendment, abortion, illegal immigration, national security

    One fun fact about yourself: I will be at the store at midnight on November 13 to be one of the first ones to get Wrath of the Lich King, the new World of Warcraft expansion.
    Kalee & Justin 05/17/08
    Mason 05/18/09
    Shaylynn 09/14/11

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    I have been a lurker not posted but love all the info you guys post!
    Name: Abbie
    Self-described political leaning: Pretty much very conservative
    TTC Status or Children:2 Tristan 2.5 and Georgia 3months not sure if we are done, we are done for atleast a couple of years
    Most important political issue:abortion, taxes, gun rights, national security

    One fun fact about yourself: I am a major lurker but enjoy reading your posts!
    DH Clay 12/16/00
    DS Tristan 3/30/06
    DD Georgia 7/28/08
    DS Dalton 9/03/10

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    Southern California


    Name: Rebekah

    Location: Southern California

    Self-described political leaning: CONSERVATIVE!

    TTC Status or Children: TTC on hold, tired of being upset with failed treatments, waiting to see how we feel about AFTER the holidays.

    Most important political issue: Shouldn't be a "political" issue - Abortion! "Political" issue? Judges and taxes.

    One fun fact about yourself: I look like a freak when I sleep! I have a dental appliance to protect my my veneers and for my clenching/grinding. I also have used earplugs every night for the last 13 years and I sleep with an eye mask LOL.

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    Name: Lee-Anne
    Location: Michigan
    Self-described political leaning:Social conservative???(Not completely sure, still kinda new to this)
    TTC Status or Children: 2 girls, a 1 year old and a 2 year old. Baby #3 due in May.
    Most important political issue: abortion, marriage, gun rights, taxes,

    One fun fact about yourself: I'm mostly a lurker, but i like to put in my 2 cents when I feel the erge.
    Yours Truly....

    Proud SAHM and Spoiled Wifey...
    Trent (DH, Married 7yrs)

    Zoey (6yrs)

    Alayna (5yrs)

    Isaac (3yrs in Heaven)

    Sadie (2yrs)

    Zachariah (Born June 2012)

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