10 off-brand products you should buy! Agree/Disagree

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10 off-brand products you should buy! Agree/Disagree

Agree? Disagree?


2-Baking supplies such as salt, sugar, flour, baking soda etc

3-Cream Cheese

4-Cookie Dough

5-Granola Bars

6- Cleaning Supplies

7-Dried Pasta

8-Lunch Meat

9-Napkins and Paper Plates

10-Hand Soap

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Cereal YES! There are some off brands that are way better than name brand!

Granola Bars hubby loves the walmart brand ones and are way less

Cream Cheese walmart brand and my store giant eagle brand are just as good!

Hand Soap is iffy, I buy dial when its on sale for .99 and softsoap but the walmart brand I think works good

Dried pasta I get store brand

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1-Cereal- Yup, and I have noticed that most of the homebrand ones we have available here are the healthier cereals.

2-Baking supplies such as salt, sugar, flour, baking soda etc- Yup all home brand in our house

3-Cream Cheese- On the few occassions I buy it I generally do, no difference in taste

4-Cookie Dough- We don't buy biscuit dough, I make from scratch.

5-Granola Bars- I think these are like our museli bars so yup, you get more in a box too so it's even better at lasting a week if there is more than one to feed. Most boxes here only have 6 bars, the home brand has 12.

6- Cleaning Supplies-some, although I have found a low cost all natural brand I buy as well.

7-Dried Pasta- yup no taste difference at all

8-Lunch Meat- Just get from the deli

9-Napkins and Paper Plates- don't use them but when I do it's home brand all the way.

10-Hand Soap - sometimes. Last time I needed it though I got quite an expensive brand very cheap because it was on clearance as they were no longer making that scent. I stocked up. I often shop the clearance racks for things like that, changes in packaing and discontinued scents go very cheap.

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1-Cereal - the only reason I don't is that with coupons it's cheaper to get name brand at the commissary

2-Baking supplies such as salt, sugar, flour, baking soda etc - almost always (sometimes name brand might be cheaper around the holidays)

3-Cream Cheese - yes

4-Cookie Dough - heck no, I make my own from scratch! Blum 3 lol

5-Granola Bars - once again, make my own for cheaper

6- Cleaning Supplies - yes, but I clean my house mostly with just vinegar and water. I buy off brand vinegar when available.

7-Dried Pasta - YES!

8-Lunch Meat - no. I'm picky about lunch meats. Too many unknowns in a lot of them.

9-Napkins and Paper Plates - don't use these (we use cloth and real plates)

10-Hand Soap - I'm picky about this too. Off brands tend to be too watery so they don't last as long.

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1-Cereal - Usually an organic name brand in box if on sale or from organic bulk bin

2-Baking supplies such as salt, sugar, flour, baking soda etc - bulk bins

3-Cream Cheese - don't usually buy unless need for specific reason but is an organic name brand

4-Cookie Dough - made from scratch using ingredients from bulk bins including nuts & chocolate chips

5-Granola Bars - usually organic name brand but only if on sale & sometimes have coupon

6- Cleaning Supplies - make my own spray cleaners, use baking soda (bought in bulk b/c I use for lots of things around the house) & white vinegar a lot; dish & laundry detergent is natural name brand like ECOS, BioKleen or Country Save which try to buy when on sale or have coupon

7-Dried Pasta - organic name brand in box or from bulk bin

8-Lunch Meat - don't eat meat but DH will buy some meat for himself from farmer's market when it's in season

9-Napkins and Paper Plates - use cloth napkins, don't use paper plates except once in past when we had large number of people over - bought unbleached/nonplasticized brand which we were able to compost later

10-Hand Soap - we have foaming soap dispensers in kitchen & bathrooms, I refill with mix of concentrated Dr Bronners liquid soap (that I buy from bulk dispensers at co-op) and water

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1-Cereal - I don't buy off brand. I can tell a taste difference.

2-Baking supplies such as salt, sugar, flour, baking soda etc-I usually buy whatever is on sale and cheapest with coupons

3-Cream Cheese - whatever is on sale

4-Cookie Dough- don't buy the premade stuff

5-Granola Bars - quacker brand only

6- Cleaning Supplies - this depends...with laundry I'm a brand loyal person. Most cleaning I'm brand loyal but will buy store on certain things.

7-Dried Pasta - whatever I get FREE!

8-Lunch Meat - Brand loyal or Deli. Hubby can tell a difference between them.

9-Napkins and Paper Plates - whatever is cheaper

10-Hand Soap - bath and body works (usually get a ton for Christmas or I get it free when I buy my shower gel. They have GREAT coupons)

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I make my own cleaning solution.

I only buy Barilla Plus pasta. It tastes great and has 19 grams of protein per serving, so it's definitely worth the extra money (which isn't much per serving).

Everything else, we buy Aldi brand.

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Agree? Disagree?

1-Cereal ~ Disagree. I think brand names are better, and there are some brands that out perform all the others with certain cereals, like Post Raisin Bran, for example. My DH usually buys the cereal when he's at Walmart getting other supplies, and one day I had a late night snack of what I "thought" was my usual Post Raisin Bran, not paying attention to the box, and thought, "Wow, this tastes terrible." So I went and looked at the box and sure enough, it was Kellogg's Raisin Bran, not Post.

2-Baking supplies such as salt, sugar, flour, baking soda etc ~ Agree, I think? If there is a difference, I never noticed.

3-Cream Cheese ~ Agree.

4-Cookie Dough ~ Agree, as far as I can tell.

5-Granola Bars ~ Agree, but it depends on what kind. I like the Publix generic version of Fiber One Oats & Chocolate bars. Can't tell a bit of difference, and it's about half the price.

6- Cleaning Supplies ~ Not sure, I usually buy brand name.

7-Dried Pasta ~ Agree, as far as I can tell.

8-Lunch Meat ~ Disagree, I think certain brand names are better.

9-Napkins and Paper Plates ~ Disagree, better quality with some of the brand names.

10-Hand Soap ~ Agree.

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1-Cereal - Agree

2-Baking supplies such as salt, sugar, flour, baking soda etc - Agree

3-Cream Cheese - If I am buying it I buy whatever is cheapest, and off brand if just as good.

4-Cookie Dough - Cheaper and tastier to make them from scratch!

5-Granola Bars - I don't eat them, but DH says he can tell the difference.

6- Cleaning Supplies - I don't know? I tend to buy name brand as it's not hard to get them cheaper than store brand with a coupon

7-Dried Pasta - Agree

8-Lunch Meat - Disagree... I have a hard time with lunchmeat anyways, and if I get it try to only get it at the deli.

9-Napkins and Paper Plates - Sure, on the rare chance I am buying them

10-Hand Soap it's 50/50 for me. I keep store brand in the kitchen and the downstairs bath, but I have the good stuff in the guest and master baths.

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Ohh working at corporate for a grocery chain I love reading the responses here Smile

I think some of it depends on the retailer Smile Wal Mart for example has pretty low quality standards for their label. The grocery chain I work for has a second tier private label brand and we make that our match to Wal Mart's private label b/c we won't cheapen the label that is our store brand Smile

Working for the company and knowing our quality control I'll buy just about everything in private label though there are a number of things I buy organic that we don't offer in a store brand. But the only thing I'm brand loyal on is detergent.

I agree with everything on your list (except cleaning since we make our own or use Charlie's Soap) and would add weekly items including: cheese, OJ, Milk, salsa, tortillas, tuna (at least at my chain our store brand tuna has a MUCH higher quality spec than all the brands who have all cheapened the heck out of theirs), pasta sauce, ice cream.....hm ya the list goes on and on Smile

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Katie, that's really interesting. Our local grocery store chain has its generic brand, then there's the white label, which is what I assume you mean by the second tier. I won't buy the white label. You end up with things like green beans with the stems still on, and who knows what else.

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Yes to all.