10 Products they say you shouldn't buy generic? Agree?

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10 Products they say you shouldn't buy generic? Agree?

Here is the top 10 things they say you should not buy generic? Do you agree or disagree?


2-Pop or Soda



5-Diet Foods

6-Processed Cheese


8-Spaghetti Sauce

9-Dish/Dishwasher Soap


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Ketchup I have to agree I only like heinz and thats it! My kids even know the difference! I always buy in bulk when on sale!

Pop I love Coke so I would never buy the off brand of that but my store Giant Eagle I think has the best gingerale and orange knock off

Processed Cheese again my store brand has good cheese for a lot less! It's 1.99 for 2cups of shreded and its good!

Spaghetti sauce if I don't make my own we use hunts and I don't think it's that bad

Salsa I only like one kind and it's in the deli at the grocery store

Dish soap I agree I think it's worth it to buy a good kind I get dawn at dollar general with a coupon and pay .99

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1-Butter - why not? Though usually I get name brand with a coupon cheaper than off brand.

2-Pop or Soda - why not this either? It's all bad for you. Blum 3

3-Ketchup - I have yet to find an off brand that doesn't have high fruitose corn syrup, ew.

4-Makeup - yeah, I think it's good to be picky about makeup brands!

5-Diet Foods - ew. We don't eat processed diet foods. to make it 'diet' they have to take stuff out, but in order for it to taste good then they have to add other chemicals to it. EW.

6-Processed Cheese - like velveta? EW. If they mean just cheese like kraft shredded, then we only buy kraft or sargentio. I get 1 lbs blocks (or shredded) for $3 here.

7-Beer - ROFL

8-Spaghetti Sauce - why? As long as you read the labels well, many off brands are just fine IMO.

9-Dish/Dishwasher Soap - I agree with this! lol

10-Salsa - once again read the labels and some off brands are better than name brand. We make our own.

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The only one I really agree with is dish soap. The rest I either don't buy (soda, makeup, diet foods, processed cheese) or don't mind buying a generic. I have had so many different kinds of non-name brand salsa that tastes great. Our ketchup that we usually use is President's Choice (a grocery store brand) We drink whatever beer we like, and here there aren't really any off brands of beer, just smaller or larger breweries, and we tend to stick to the smaller lesser know places (the craft beers)

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1-Butter- I buy homebrand all the time, I find no difference in quality

2-Pop or Soda- I generally buy storebrand/ home brand when I do buy. Sometimes they have nicer flavours too

3-Ketchup- We buy homebrand, but don't use it a lot

4-Makeup- Not a real make up user

5-Diet Foods- Not really, most are name brands anyway. Now DS is here I don't buy many of my usual diet foods, but they were mostly dairy products anyway

6-Processed Cheese- I buy all my cheese home brand, it's much cheaper and no taste differnce. The only time I buy brand name is if I want a specilaty cheese (like swiss) they don't do in home brand.

7-Beer- Never seen a home brand beer, but I don't drink it anyway

8-Spaghetti Sauce- I use homebrand jar sauce as a base for my spaghetti sauce.

9-Dish/Dishwasher Soap- I use a cheap brand, but it's not home brand

10-Salsa - why not, it tatses the same. We don't use it much but when we do I buy homebrand if it's available.

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1-Butter - always buy Can't Believe it's not butter

2-Pop or Soda - Coke products

3-Ketchup- yes I can totally tell a difference

4-Makeup - covergirl here

5-Diet Foods - if this means fat free hubby gets grocery store yougurt all the time.

6-Processed Cheese - american singles we always get store brand publix

7-Beer - hubby would laugh at me if I bought him natural light or busch. lol

8-Spaghetti Sauce - Depends. I usually make my own

9-Dish/Dishwasher Soap - always dawn and cascade

10-Salsa - If we buy in store we sometimes buy store brand. But I get an employee discount at Chillis so we buy that and it's made in store. Smile

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I would not buy off-brand dish soap, but I like the Dollar General brand of dishwasher detergent than any other name-brand or off-name brand I've tried.

I don't like most name brands of beer. I won't drink any that comes in a can. I prefer local brews.

I don't use makeup.

American cheese, I prefer Borden.

Everything else, I buy at Aldi. Their ketchup is as good or better than Heinz (which I don't say lightly, since I live in Pittsburgh). Their spaghetti sauce is awesome. They also have good salsa, though we prefer Pace Picante.

However, I don't really like the store brand from other stores than Aldi for things like canned veggies.

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1-Butter ~ Disagree, generic is just as good IMO. However, if it's a butter substitute, then only certain brands will do.

2-Pop or Soda ~ Agree. Brand name is best (for me, it's Pepsi, Sprite or 7UP, or Mountain Dew).

3-Ketchup ~ Not sure. Don't use ketchup enough to know. I'm a mustard girl Smile

4-Makeup ~ Not sure? Is there makeup that would be considered 'generic'? If we're just talking about cheaper makeup, I recently tried NYC (think it stands for 'New York Colors,' and is sold at Walmart - not sure where else), and think it is just as good as a more expensive brand name.

5-Diet Foods ~ Depends on what it is.

6-Processed Cheese ~ Disagree. There are some generic brands that are just as good IMO.

7-Beer ~ don't drink. ick. Prefer wine, though I rarely even drink that.

8-Spaghetti Sauce ~ Disagree. Some generic brands are okay.

9-Dish/Dishwasher Soap ~ AGREE. 100%. lol. I have not found ANYTHING that works as good as Finish (formerly Electrasol) powertabs (I use the Quantum). As for dish soap, not sure about that one since I always buy brand name.

10-Salsa ~ Disagree. The Publix generic brand is actually better than any brand name IMO Smile

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Butter? Really? We always buy our store brand butter. I really like our cheese too and salsa. A small local company makes my grocery chain's private label pasta sauce and I really like it but it might not be universal since they don't make sauce for a lot of chains.

We buy organic ketchup but it's store brand.

Soda probably does taste different but we don't buy it at all

Hm I would agree on Beer Smile

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1-Butter - Disagree

2-Pop or Soda - I'm indifferent... Our store brand tastes almost identical to regular Coke, but generally we don't buy pop.

3-Ketchup - Usually agree, but one store here has off brand that tastes like Hinze

4-Makeup - Agree... I've gotten pickier the older I get. You CAN tell a difference from the cheap stuff, to the name brands in stores, and even to department stores. I don't buy much makeup, but I definitely prefer the Lancome I got as a gift from MIL to anything else I've used.

5-Diet Foods - This seems vague? I don't see why most off brands wouldn't be just as good.

6-Processed Cheese - Disagree.

7-Beer - I am not a beer drinker. But who doesn't prefer top shelf to rail whiskey? It takes some snooping though, because I've had fantastic "cheap" wine that I think is as good as more expensive stuff.

8-Spaghetti Sauce - Disagree. Actually, I will buy ANYTHING before I buy Ragu.

9-Dish/Dishwasher Soap - Disagree. We always use store brand.

10-Salsa - Disagree.

It's all personal experience, though. There are certain things that generic I really dislike, like canned green beans and peas, which in theory shouldn't be any different from their name brand counterpart (not like it's really a different recipe).

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I recently heard that Olive oil needs to be on this list. I read an article that said since olive oil is so expensive the manufacterers that sell to distributors (stores) with use other oils and flavor it and then sell it as olive oil and even say it's from Italy and such since there is no regulation. I haven't done further research, but I found it upsetting.

1-Butter - Disagree! I think there are generic butter brands that are as good or better than some name brands.

2-Pop or Soda - Don't drink it enough to care.

3-Ketchup - Agree.

4-Makeup - It depends, there are some cheaper brands that are good.

5-Diet Foods - no idea, I don't buy them.

6-Processed Cheese - Disagree. There are good and bad generic brands of cheese.

7-Beer - Agree, though I don't really drink it much (especially right now!)

8-Spaghetti Sauce - Disagree.

9-Dish/Dishwasher Soap - Disagree

10-Salsa - We only buy Pace, but that's per DH's demand.

If you read the labels and are picky about the ingredients in your food then you'll find (or I do anyway) that a lot of the time, the generics are less processed than the name brands. I know locally there are many generic brands of items that have eliminated hydrogenated oils where name brands haven't. And just because there's a fancy label that says it doesn't Trans fat free doesn't mean it is. If it's less than .5gram per serving the FDA allows it to be rounded down to 0, so it's important to read the ingredients to make sure it doesn't have it in there. I know that little soapbox speech is OT, but it plays a huge role in our shopping strategy. Biggrin

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"AnnaRO" wrote:

If you read the labels and are picky about the ingredients in your food then you'll find (or I do anyway) that a lot of the time, the generics are less processed than the name brands. Biggrin

I found this in the past when I was having to cater for events where there were children present who couldn't have artificial colours and flavours. Their parents actually told me they had found for a number of items that the generic didn't have them in there because they weren't trying to add colours etc to entice customers in advertising

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totally agree Anna! Just last week I drug DH to the commissary with me for a short list of 11 items. Still took us 30 minutes to get through there because they have different products here than at our last base and I had to read labels. DH tried to start an argument saying that it really doesn't matter for things like BBQ sauce. I told him to pick one and I turned it around and the FIRST ingredient was high fructose corn syrup. DH was shocked and then shut up as I continued to read labels and found one that didn't have any HFCS or it's derivatives. It's amazing all the junk food manufacturers put into products! Name brands are definitely not "better" for you. I've found the products that taste the best usually have an ingredient list I can pronounce (so less processing and less chemicals). Blum 3

I think this is slightly off topic from the thread, but reading labels made me more frugal because it got me cooking more from scratch which ends up being cheaper. lol

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"FLSunshineMom" wrote:

3-Ketchup ~ Not sure. Don't use ketchup enough to know. I'm a mustard girl Smile

What about mustard? I tried a generic mustard once and thought it was gross. I stick with Heinz yellow now.

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We only buy generic mustard unless we want one of the types for a particular reason that is not in generic.

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1-Butter - I buy store brand

2-Pop or Soda - only Coke

3-Ketchup - only Hines

4-Makeup - don't buy it

5-Diet Foods - don't buy it

6-Processed Cheese - I will buy store brand if it's cheaper than Sargento, I don't really care for Kraft.

7-Beer - don't buy it enough to matter

8-Spaghetti Sauce - I will buy store brand unless Prego is on sale for cheaper

9-Dish/Dishwasher Soap - I buy name brand

10-Salsa - El Paso

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1-Butter, Doesn't matter to us. I just get whatever is the cheapest.

2-Pop or Soda, I prefer the name brand stuff but if I can save some money I'll get the cheaper stuff.

3-Ketchup, I like Hunts but if we are out and need it I'll get the cheapest till the other stuff is on sale.

4-Makeup, I rarely buy Makeup.

5-Diet Foods, Don't buy Diet stuff. But when I used to drink Slim Fast, I tried the Walmart (Equate) brand and I loved it more and the price was better for my pocket.

6-Processed Cheese, Not a big fan of Processed cheese. DF is more of a cheese person. I like one type of cheese and that's Swiss. DF like the Borden cheese i believe is the name. But if he wants sandwiches and we're on a tight budget he will eat any type.

7-Beer, Don't really buy beer, but when we do it's usually Microbrew. We can get a 24 pack bottle of Lions Head for $10

8-Spaghetti Sauce, I LOVE Bertoli but it's so expensive. I do buy the Store brand though and have enjoyed some of the ones I have tried.

9-Dish/Dishwasher Soap, my Hands dry out/ crack/ peel from cheap Dish Soap. I only use Dawn/Palmolive/Gain (Which over the years I have always gotten really good deals on so I'm well stocked up on them)

10-Salsa, Doesn't matter to me. The Target and Walmart Brands are my Favorite.