Bad economy stories... Anyone else hit hard?

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Bad economy stories... Anyone else hit hard?

A little background:
We had twins April 2010, moved to a whole different city in a different province when they were 3 months old.

It's been 7 months and my boyfriend still doesn't have a job. We've been living off his parental leave benefits (THANKFULLY) but he's having such a hard time finding work. And it's not for lack of trying either. He's put out hundreds of resumes. If he doesn't find work soon though, we'll have to go on Social Assistance and BC Housing because his benefits are going to run out mid-April.

I'm so worried. We basically spend money on 4 things - Rent, Utilities, car insurance, and food. The first three take up over 2/3 of our income Sad I know we won't end up in the gutter, but with the PPD I've been having lately, it just seems like one big hole. Sad

Anyone else having a rough time of it? Should we all pack up and move to some empty land and become homesteaders? (That's my dream, anyway!)

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my dream too!

i have to say that when you are already sitting on the bottom of the barrel, you really can't go down much anyway. its like in the old Alabama song "Song of the South" "somebody told us wall street fell, but we were so poor we couldnt tell" and thats where we were. I do have to admit that we did get into some financial trouble though, but a great economy doesnt fix spending beyond your means, so its just been some time, lessons learned, and luxuries missed for us. DH is dying for a cell phone, but i'm just not willing to put money towards that until we get other things straightened out, but i think its important to have a land line phone so that while we are both at work our babysitters will have a phone, and Dr's offices etc can always reach us and we can reach them.

We did spend all summer racking up a credit card (i got fired due to a misunderstanding at work, and when that was cleared up, i was ASKED to come back, with a raise, but in the mean time our income dropped by 1/3 or more) buying food before i managed to re-apply for state food assistance and qualify for it, but i realized that food was like 1/3 of our spending! its a huge weight lifted now that we have assistance for that.