Budget Goal?

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Budget Goal?

What is one (or more!) of your primary goals for budgeting your family's finances?

  • New baby

  • New home

  • New car

  • Paying off debt

  • Building up savings

  • Something else
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Ha, can we say all of the above? First goal is to pay off our last student loan, then new baby and maybe new car. And continuing to build up savings along the way! Smile

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Well we have pretty much reached debt free other than our mortgage so next it is renovations on the house and another baby. We have money in savings and owed to us which will cover renovations so we should be grand
Correction we have reached debt free, my uni loan statement arrived today with a zero balance.hopefully this means an extra nice tax return in a few weeks

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We're currently working on paying off our credit card debt. It's not huge but we want to stop it now.

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Currently it's paying off our car. That's our only debt. While there's a new baby coming expenses are little this time and we already have money in savings to pay for what little we need. After the car is paid off, we'll throw that money in our savings so that if we ever settle down (in 14 years lol) we have a house downpayment.