budget spreadsheet?

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budget spreadsheet?

I've been using the budget tool through my bank's website, but it doesn't seem to want to print out today (this board got me re-motivated). I could just use Excel, but that seems like I would be re-inventing the wheel. Anyone have a link to a budget website that would allow customization of categories?

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There is https://www.mint.com/ I signed up for it, but never really got into using it. It is free.

But I am interested in trying You Need a Budget, which is supposed to basically be a digital envelope system: http://www.youneedabudget.com/ You can get a free 34 day trial, but then it costs $60 if you decide to get it.

Right now I have Quicken, but YNAB looks so much easier to keep categories straight and such.

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I can email you the Dave Ramsey budget tool. Just PM me your email address. There are several forms.

1. Lump Sum Payment Planning: This helps you really think about all those payments that are due only once a year and break it up over the year.
2. The Monthly Cash Flow Plan: Basically your budget.
3. The allocated Spending Plan: This is used each month to decide what is being paid with what paycheck.

Let me know if you are interested.

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We used a budget book from a class we took at our church. They give you all these worksheets that you can copy and print. I signed up for the mint.com budget thing but I never go into it.

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I just use Excel. I convert everything into monthly payments (even the things we pay once or a few times a year) I am an Excel expert, so this was the quickest way to do things for me. To be honest though, I'm not that good at actually following my budget.

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I have used Quicken for about 10 years. We keep track of our checkbook on there, so it makes it very easy to track what we are spending our money on. We don't actually spend much time anymore on our budget, because we use a cash system for household, entertainment and groceries, and everything else is pretty much a set amount (utilities, karate tuition, fuel, etc.)