Buying in Bulk

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Buying in Bulk

I saw this on another thread and thought it would be a good topic.

Do you buy in bulk? If so, is it cheaper or not much difference? Where do you buy in bulk (ie. Costco, Sam's, Amazon etc)?

If no, Have you considered it? Why? What research could you share with others?

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I don't really have anywhere local to buy in bulk, or I might. Partly for the savings, and partly to save the environment from all that extra packaging.

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I am out lurking and I like this board!

I buy in bulk- from Costco before and now Sam's.

We are a family of 5, and I am the only girl. The kids are out-eating me these days. I do it because I think I get a better value and I like have things kind of stock-piled in the house so that I don't have to do a "big" shop every weekend.

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I would buy bulk but sometimes I can get items at a better value at my grocery store or walmart with coupons. I know bj's takes coupons but my grocery store doubles coupons. I guess it would be worth it for diapers and wipes but for right now it's not worth it for us to pay for a membership anywhere. I heard of people using amazon for bulk but I have not tried.

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I don't buy in bulk. I don't even stock pile if I can get items for free with a coupon. We don't have the ability to store the extra and it's a major pain with moving all the time!

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We buy some things in bulk at Costco.....diapers, wipes, sliced cheese, school lunch snacks, crisco, brown & powdered sugar, and batteries. I used to be able to get a killer of a deal on diapers and wipes at my local Walgreens, but couponing has gotten out of hand here and with only one store there is never any left. Plus our store has had it with couponers so they are very willing to take orders for a sale.