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cash back

Just wanted to tell you all that we found another way to save money, through the cash back. We started buying all of our groceries, gas, etc on our cc and paying it off every month because we're getting 3% back. I know it doesn't sound like a lot but that's $30... almost a tank of gas or at least enough milk for the baby Smile

(we were pretty dumb and didn't know about this until recently)

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Which cc do you have? None of mine have rewards because I don't use them. I have never been late on a payment though and always pay back what I owe. If you have the discipline, that is great. I'd locve to know which card it is.

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:lurk: We have a Discover and get %1 cash back. They do have certain items that are 5% cash back each month. Like for instance right now it's gas. We made about $30 last month in cash back.