Couponing 101

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Couponing 101

Here you will find how to set up for successful couponing.

Step 1: Get Coupons
Step 2: Oganize your coupons
Step 3: Learn the Lingo

Coming Soon:
Step 4: Pick a store to learn
Step 5: Create a small stockpile

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Step 1: Get Coupons

The easiest way to get coupons is your Sunday Paper. I suggest getting 2 papers on the really good weeks that way if there is a Buy One Get One Deal you can use a coupon on each item.

You can also buy an All You magazine from WalMart or get a subscription.

Check with friends or relatives who already get the Sunday paper who don't use their coupons. Be careful, they will see you start saving and want to keep the coupons. Smile

The junk paper that comes in the mail has coupons sometimes.

Online:,, you can also go to the manufacturers website and print out coupons. also has coupons to use in store and somes store will honor their coupons.

There are sites you can also "buy" coupons but I don't recommend that until you get better at couponing.

The Coupon Trading Sticky!

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Step 2: Organize Your Coupons

Many people organize their coupons a number of different ways.

1. Evelope: This system is used by a number of people who just clip what they need and don't usually hunt for the deals Smile
2.. The pocket book sized accordian type file. - this is a good system for just taking what is on your list.
3. File box for inserts. Some use the file box and file the inserts by date.
4. The Binder Method - This is the most popular of all methods. Get a binder, dividers, baseball inserts or photo inserts and divide your coupons by category.

I use a combination of 3 and 4. Each week I cut the coupons from the paper that we would normally use and put them in the binder. Then I sort my inserts by date. Then if I hear of a deal that is free and I could donate or possibly use I got to my file and clip.

Coming Soon: Pictures of various methods. Also if you have a method of organization that I have not included let me know and I'll put it on here. Smile

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Step 3: Learn the Lingo
  • AC – After Coupons
  • B1G1F – Buy One Product, Get One Free
  • BOGO – Buy One Product, Get One Free
  • B2G1F – Buy Two Products, Get One Free
  • Bricks – An online coupon printing platform
  • CAT – Catalina Coupon
  • CRT – Cash Register Tape {aka receipt)
  • DEAD – Deal is no longer valid
  • DND – Do not Double
  • ECB- Extra Care Bucks from CVS
  • ETS – Excludes Trial Size
  • EXP – Expires
  • FAR -Free after Rebate
  • GM – General Mills Coupon Insert
  • IP – Internet Coupon
  • IVC – Instant valuable coupon from Walgreens
  • MFR – Manufacturer
  • MIR – Mail in Rebate
  • MM – Moneymaker
  • NED – No expiration Date
  • OYNO – On Your Next Order
  • OOP – Out of Pocket – the amount you actually pay
  • P&G – Proctor & Gamble Coupon Insert
  • PSA – Prices Starting At
  • RC – Rain Check
  • RP – Red Plum Coupon Insert
  • RR – Register Rewards at Walgreens
  • SCR – Single Check Rebate at Rite Aid
  • SS – Smartsource Coupon Insert
  • Stacking – Using a manufacturer coupon & store coupon together
  • TP – Tear Pad
  • UPR – Up Reward at Rite Aid
  • UP – UP Reward at Rite Aid
  • WYB – When you Buy