Dryer Balls?

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Dryer Balls?

Do any of you use dryer balls, Nellie's or other brand? I had a set of them (Nellies) a while back but I got rid of them because they were incredible loud (our laundry room is on the same floor as all of our bedrooms). But, I was wondering...do they really work? If they have made them a little less noisy or if there is a different brand I could get, I'd love to save the money/energy.

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I don't use the dyer balls but I do use the bounce dyer bar and I love it! I think it's worth it and it really does work!

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We tried two brands and didn't really think they worked that well. They also disappeared because my DSS never returned them when they ended up in his clothes/room. We have sensitive skin issues and just skip dryer products. I'm not much help, am I?

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The dryer bars are awesome! me and DD have sensitive skin as well and neither of us have had issues with the Hypo Dryer bars. They usually have great coupons for them too!

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We switched to dryer balls about 2 years ago when my FIL pointed out all the chemicals in Bounce (He was with DH when I asked DH to pick up some bounce LOL). We first bought a pair of inexpensive ones from eBAY but then got 2 more from Neille's when I bought a whole pack of products from them. We LOVE them. You may get the odd bit of static but our clothes and towels fell much softer. If we are washing something that we know will get staticky we put some white vinegar in the wash with that load. It works like a charm. And oh the money you will save by not buying fabric softner sheets. Our laundry room is right by our bedroom, but we just don't dry clothes when we are trying to sleep Smile

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We use vinegar instead of fabric softener in the wash with regular laundry. We have a couple of dryer balls. They *really* help with smaller loads and with cloth diapers.

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I've never used them, but you guys have convinced me to try them. Smile

And by the way, I use vinegar with all my laundry and still have static. :dontknow:

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We don't use any fabric softeners and don't really need any. I use less detergent, though, and I think that makes a difference. Also, if you have a problem with static, you should try humidifying the house. There are a lot of benefits. For instance, less dry skin, less coughing and stuffy noses from breathing dry air, and the house feels warmer because of the relative humidity, so you can save a little on heating costs. Plus, less static electricity.