Frugal mammas, educate me!

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Frugal mammas, educate me!

Hi Everyone! I'm hoping I can get a few tips from you expert shoppers to help me get started on some cash-saving.

I live in Canada, but very close to the US border. I am thinking of starting to do our grocery shopping over in the US because 1) the US seems to have much better coupon deals, 2) the Can/US dollar situation is good, and 3) stuff in general is just cheaper in the US (sorry Canada - I love ya, but I've got bills to pay).

I have no idea where to start.

Which grocery store is the best? Kroger? Meijer? Some place I've never heard of?

Where can I get my hands on some sweet coupons?

Any penny-pinching tips in general to share?

Lay it on me!!! Smile

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I don't really have any advice. I'm in Canada too. But anyways, one thing I wanted to mention is that when you factor in gas and tolls to get over to the US are you still saving money? If so, go for it, but my guess is the savings won't be as great as you think. Also, there are restrictions on which foods you can bring across the border, and it would be a HUGE waste of money to have to throw stuff out at customs. Also, if you are there for less than 24 hours you don't have much of an exemption so you'd likely have to pay taxes on things (especially if they are not food items)

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I'm not sure if it's worth it for the amount you would save. I'm fortunate to have an Aldi within 5 minutes of my house, but I will not drive 30-40 minutes to get to a store that will save me some money. It's the gas, but it's also the time. I would rather shop for sales at home.

We make most of what we eat from scratch or minimally processed, so that saves us a lot of money. We try to avoid eating out, which also saves money. If there's a really good sale, we stock up. We buy off-name brands for most items. We buy larger or bulk quantities when we can. We shop at the farmer's market, too. That is more expensive, but we prefer to support local businesses and also really love the fresh produce.