Health Insurance, and Lack Thereof?

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Health Insurance, and Lack Thereof?

So! It's a quiet board, but I thought I'd give it a try---

I plan on being a SAHM mom for a few years after little Jellybean's arrival. Things will be tighter on one salary instead of two, but I think we'll manage okay. Smile

However--- right now, dh and I are both on health insurance through my work, because he works for a small, private firm that doesn't offer much in the way of benefits. Since we're both youngish and healthy, we've barely used my insurance at all... but now that we're nearing a situation where it *would* be useful to have, we won't have access to it anymore. Sad

So, for people in similar situations... what do you do about health insurance? Is it a big deal? Or not? Anyone know of good rates through a non-employer entity?


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I don't have any suggestions in terms of rates. But, I will say, defintiely make sure you have some! My LO has cost me SOOO much going to the doctor with just normal sicknesses throughout the past year, I don't know what we would have done without insurance.