How do you get your coupons?

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How do you get your coupons?

One of the drawbacks often mentioned is that it is too difficult to get coupons / savings. For those successful couponers what do you find as the most effective means to tap these savings.

Bonus points for how you maximize those coupons to save even more!

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My MIL delievers the local paper, so any extra she gives me the inserts. I also check out, couponsuzy,redplum,smartsource and the krazycouponlady

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Online! And I really love that the commissary here has a table set up just inside the door for others to leave coupons they're not using. I've found most of my good coupons from that table! I don't know where some of these ladies find some of these coupons since I've never seen them in a newspaper, but boy am I thankful.

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Search on the internet, there's so many,what you need, you will find.:)

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I use a website It is a great blog that has all of the stores adds with each available coupon linked right under it and where to find it. A huge time saver that is free.

(I hope it is ok to link another website)